Traditional Brass Chandelier in the Kitchen

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This traditional 6-light brass chandelier is a gorgeous light fixture on a budget!

I’ve been saying for months that I need to pick out a new chandelier over the kitchen table. You see, while the one that came with the house was an eye sore, I hadn’t planned on replacing it anytime soon.

Then a glass pane started to fall out. And when we removed it, we realized the pane on the opposite side was cracked as well and probably a safety hazard to let it continue to hang there.

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Kitchen with Edgecomb Gray walls

So, I went on a mission to find the perfect casually elegant chandelier for the space. I shared all of my findings in my kitchen chandelier favorites post.

I had SUCH a hard time picking one!

Honestly, your comments in that post really helped me pinpoint the style and look I wanted. I even got the idea from one of my readers about changing the light shades on this particular light, so I bought some additional shades for a unique flare.

Care to see which one I chose?

Ta da!! 😍

I present to you, the gorgeous and easy-to-install 6-Light Traditional Brass Chandelier!

I’m obsessed!! Lighting is such an easy way to totally change the look of a space. And I’m so happy with how it looks in our kitchen.

I really was leaning toward finding a light with a seagrass shade. I love the coastal texture seagrass would bring to the space. But everything I liked was either out-of-stock or there was only one light bulb in the fixture. I have to have lots of light over my dining tables, so a 6-light chandelier sounded wonderful.

And I ended up ordering 2 different sets of seagrass shades to replace the white shade, but I sent them both back.


Well, during the day, I loooooved the look!

Seagrass Shades Brass Chandelier

It was perfectly me.

But at night, the light was so dim due to the darker shades, and I couldn’t handle it! I’ve got to see what I’m eating! 😂

So, back to the white shades we went, and the seagrass shades went back to the store. I was so torn, but in the end, I have to be able to see my food. I honestly love the white shades, too, so it’s a win/win.

Here’s a side-by-side look, just for fun!

Side-by-side brass chandelier

Click/Tap the images below to shop this space:

The broken light fixture in this room really prompted me to start making over the kitchen next. Otherwise, I would have probably worked on a different room. But I’m happy that I was finally able to choose a light fixture that I love for this space! It feels perfect!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below in the comments!


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    1. I notice my eye is drawn up to the sea grass shades where with the white my eye is drawn to the pretty flowers on the table.

  1. I think im the only one who doesn’t like the brass. Its from the 80s. I just spray painted a brass chandelier white. Im sorry. Just dont like it

  2. I love the look- am I the only one who thinks the light should be lowered? It’s the only thing that looks off to me-

    1. The “rule” is 32-36 inches from the surface top, with the lower end of the range being for more formal spaces. Ceiling height can make a difference, though, especially in the perception of how high/low the light looks. Hope this helps.

  3. The white shades on the brass fixture is such a classy and traditional look that I think really suits your home! Wouldn’t have thought about the sea grass shades not letting light through, one of those things you don’t always realize until you try. Thank goodness for returns!! Your home is coming together beautifully😊.

  4. Beautiful! I love the long, simple lines of this one!
    And yep, I hate unlight lights too. Ugh! The “light” in my little guys’ bedroom is SO pathetic!

  5. Very pretty. Nothing wrong with beautiful brass. I kept my traditional brass chandeliers in my dining room and foyer but went with oil rubbed bronze with white “cylinders” over the table and island in the kitchen. I think I will like it better once we get the table and chairs painted and curtains made. It is a long process for me but I enjoy it.

  6. I like the sea grass ones also, but you are right, it makes no sense if you cannot see what you are eating or in my case needing to clean up after dinner LOL.

    I was thinking that adding a rope trim around the top and bottom of each shade might give you that feel without losing your lighting.

    Lovely look that chandelier either way.

  7. Absolutely love the way it changes your whole room, and I’m all fo rather white shades, so classic!

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