Home Goals 2020, Part 3


I can’t believe we’re over halfway through this year and halfway through the first year in our new home! I told myself at the beginning of this year that I would take a step back from doing all of the seasonal decorating and fun crafts and instead focus my attention primarily on making our home into “our home” – a place that reflects us and what we love.

And for the first time ever, I made 3 quarterly home goals (focusing on one room) instead of a bunch of home goals for the whole year. I decided to revisit these goals each quarter and see if I was on track, then make new ones.

Well, I’m not quite done with two rooms yet, but the living room is checked off my list and the office and girls’ room are both close to being done. Just a few more items and I’ll be finished with those rooms and moving onto the next space.

And while I’m almost a month late with this post, it’s better late than never, right?! You can go back and revisit my goals from January and goals from April if you want! And you can see where the house started back when we moved in, in my “Our New Home” post.

Stay tuned below for which room I want to tackle next!

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How did I do with my goals from January-March & April-June:

Leftover Home Goals for 2020 {January -March}

1. Light Fixtures:

  • Hallway light in the stairwell. Done! Plus I gathered a bunch of beautiful wall sconces in case you need one, too!
  • Entry light. I JUST got the entry light replaced in the last few weeks.
  • Add an overhead light in the office. I’m not sure we will do this until we have a contractor in our home to gut the master bathroom. We’ll just save that for when an electrician will already be here, probably some time in 2021.
Foyer Pendant Lighting
The New Lantern Light in the Entryway. (You’ve got to see the before!)

2. The Office:

  • Add blinds to the french doors (I think I want bamboo blinds.) – We are STILL not finished with this project, but I’m happy to say that the blinds have been ordered, but they were on back order. They are supposed to be here in early August, though!! Finally!!

I’m pretty happy that I’ve crossed most everything off this list (or almost)! It’s such a huge improvement over years in the past when I just set a bunch of goals at the beginning of the year and then forgot about them!

Home Goals for 2020 {April – June}

1. Makeover the Girls’ Bedroom & Bathroom.

Loft Beds from Pottery Barn Kids

Click/Tap the images below to shop the girls’ bedroom and bathroom:

  • Paint the bedroom walls Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball – Done!
  • Paint the Bathroom Shoji White by Sherwin Williams – I decided to wallpaper their bathroom instead. It’s gorgeous and perfect!
  • Maybe add an accent wall with wallpaper or stencil – I added wallpaper to their bathroom.
  • Buy bunk beds (I’ve had my eye on this full loft bed over full bed for years!) – DONE and they love them!
  • Buy new bedding – We got their new zippered bedding from Beddy’s and it’s the most perfect bedding for bunk beds!
  • Either buy new or get an old dresser and paint it white – It turns out that the current tall dresser we had didn’t fit in the spot I had hoped, so for now we’re using the one we already had and the girls are now sharing the one dresser.
  • Reuse old decor for the walls – I’ve hung up a few things, but need to add a few more touches before the reveal!
  • Hem the curtains – still need to do this!
  • I added two more things to our list that we accomplished:
  • Replaced the ceiling fan for one without exposed blades. – Done!
  • Replaced the light fixture in the bathroom. – Done!

I’ll give myself a A- for this room. I think we did a lot, but still have a few more things to add to (and cross off) the list before this room is done. I’ll add them to the July-September Home Goals!

2. Finish the Office Space & share it. See the Office design plan here.

  • Get bamboo blinds for the doors – Like I mentioned before, the blinds are on order, but have been back ordered. Fingers crossed they arrive within the next few weeks. Can’t wait to cross this off the list!

3. Finish the Living Room & share it. See the Living Room design plan here.

  • Hide the TV cord behind the wall. – Done!!
  • Find a piece of art or decor to go on one last wall. – We added a faux fiddle leaf fig instead of art.
  • Hang TV above the mantel. Done!
  • Arrange decor on the bookshelves. Done!
  • Hang curtains. Done!
  • Add Gallery Wall. Done!

A+! I’m so glad this room is finished. I think it’s our favorite room in the house!

BONUS 4. Purchase a new light fixture for our eat-in kitchen area.

I have ordered it and I can’t wait to get it up and share!

Home Goals for 2020 { July – September}

And now let’s chat about the upcoming goals I have for the house…

1. Finish the Girls’ Bedroom and Bathroom Makeover

I’ve got a few things left to do to wrap up this room.

  • Finish decorating with decor we already have
  • Paint the window seat Simply White
  • Hem the curtains
  • Paint the bathroom/shower room – I’m still trying to decide on the color!
  • Replace the old toilet paper holder with a new toilet paper holder I bought to match the towel ring and hooks.

2. Add Personality to the Kitchen

While the kitchen doesn’t need a huge makeover, it does need an injection of some color and personality.

I’ve been spending a lot of time dreaming of the vibe I want in my kitchen, and it’s definitely a coastal vibe (duh!). I wanted it to look good with the adjoining navy in the living room, and also bring in that ocean vibe with seagrass texture, blue/greens and wood tones.

  • Make or order a custom window treatment for the window over the sink using this fabric: Fabricut Fleur Botanical in La Mer.
  • Put up the kitchen light over the table that I ordered.
  • Replace the kitchen knobs (all 42 of them!) with these brass knobs. Or spray paint the ones we already have? We’ll see!
  • Add a pendant light over the island.
  • Add some more decor on the walls!
  • Add a runner in front of the stove
  • Add a rug under the kitchen table
  • Add bamboo blinds to the french doors
  • Replace the counter stools with something new and fun!
  • Maybe consider: adding curtains, adding a tile backsplash (I’ve never tiled before!!) and maybe painting the pantry door or island a fun color.

The mood board for the kitchen will be coming soon!

This photo has been in my “kitchen makeover” secret Pinterest board for years, so I can’t wait to incorporate some of this vibe into my home!

3. FINALLY share my Office Reveal.

Once those bamboo blinds arrive and I get them installed, I’ll share the final look!

And there you have it…my 3 goals for the next two months! While finishing up two rooms that I already started and just “finishing” the kitchen doesn’t sound like much, it’ll be plenty for my budget. 😜

Making smaller lists, like this, keeps me focused on finishing the rooms I’m already working on, and keeps me from jumping around from room-to-room. I’m already tempted to start the master bedroom makeover and a garage overhaul, but I know I need to wait on those until I finish what I’ve started.


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  1. I love the three monthly goals idea. I have a PhD in Procrastination with honors!!! This week I bought a basic bullet journal really cheap and I am hoping that it it sets me on the road to a PhD in Productivity with honors!!! I think I may need a ten year plan to get the house and garden sorted but as long as I keep at it…………………

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