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Simple Fall Kitchen Decor

Simple ideas for adding simple fall kitchen decor to your home. Easy seasonal decorations that add cozy charm on any budget level!

Eat-in kitchen area with a few simple fall touches, like a pumpkin on the table and a bay leaf topiary.

I’m so glad you’re joining me for my fall home tour this year!

Find the rest of this year’s fall series here:

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Let me just tell you – that getting yourself presentable to be in the photo is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s it much easier said than done. I’m usually running around like a headless chicken in shorts and a ratty t-shirt while I’m getting ready for a “home tour.”

I literally worked for two days getting those planters at my front door finished in order to take said picture. And moments before I had to snap the pic or else lose the right lighting, I was covered in planting soil from “planting” those faux trees and was sweating profusely in the 90-degree Alabama sun. Not cute OR picture-ready, let me tell ya!

Green and coral pink hydrangeas grace the white sink in a cozy fall kitchen. Lots of fall home decor ideas in this post!

At this point I was cursing the idea of ever wanting to be in a photo, because I was bumping up against the time I had to leave to go to my daughter’s school and relieve her teacher of lunch duty. Is duty-free lunch a thing at your kids’ school, too? So, I get cleaned up, didn’t get the photo yet, but made myself presentable to run up to the school.

Upon arrival, I found out that it’s NOT a duty-free lunch day after all and I wasn’t needed. Haha!! Now it was just comical.

Thankfully I was able to make it back home in time to change into a more fall-like outfit. (Weather, could you cooperate already?!?! Because this sweater/sweatshirt combo (similar) is soooo comfy! Yet still WAY to hot to be wearing it. Womp. Womp.) And I got the photo before the sun came too far over the house and was shining in my eyes. 😂😓

Miraculously I got the shot on the first try and didn’t have to torture myself in the sweltering heat in order to get the perfect shot. LOL Another secret, though – I only put fingernail polish on one hand because I didn’t have time to put it on both. And so I just put my other hand behind my back or by my side. I tell ya – the behind-the-scenes of this crazy life would be comical if anyone were videoing me try to get it all done.

But golly darn it!! Doesn’t the above photo just make you want to come inside and have a cup of coffee with me? ☺️ We’ll pretend that’s what I was doing when I just hopped up and snapped this photo, mmmmkay?!

OK, let’s chat about the home tour, shall we??

I shared my fall mantel with you last week and you got a peek at the living room along with it.

Beautiful blues and browns in this fall decorated living room. | Fall Mantel Decor Ideas | Fall Decor

The kitchen is just to the left of the living room and pretty open to it. So, the first thing you see is my open kitchen shelves (which I DIY’d a few years ago).

Open kitchen shelves decorated for fall | fig leaves | fiddle leaf fig | cutting boards | antique pizza boards | fall decor ideas

In the past I’ve filled up the shelves with lots of decor. A prime example – last year’s kitchen shelves:

Kitchen Fall Home Tour at The Turquoise Home
Last year’s kitchen shelves decorated for fall with cascading pumpkins.

I just filled ‘er on up! 😜 I loved them last year, though, and loved my cascading pumpkins. I quite like it. But I wanted a little more simple this year.

Also, I figured out that in the past I felt like I had to cover up the old telephone box, which was in the wall behind the printable art on the bottom left step. And then I had to balance out the rest of the shelves because I had to put so much in that corner.

Open kitchen shelves decorated for fall | fig leaves | fiddle leaf fig | cutting boards | antique pizza boards | fall decor ideas

But we had the phone jack taken out when we had the walls painted as a part of the flooring being replaced this summer. So, I no longer feel the need to add a bunch of stuff.

Open kitchen shelves decorated for fall | fig leaves | fiddle leaf fig | cutting boards | antique pizza boards | fall decor ideas

I really like a little less this year and just photographing the home in it’s simple, natural state can be just as beautiful as a room filled up with season decor, in my opinion.

DIY Chalkboard from my fall kitchen home tour | fall home decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas

Now, I didn’t just leave the home “as is,” I definitely added a few fall touches, like writing a quick fall message on my DIY chalk board.

Eat-in kitchen area with a few simple fall touches, like a pumpkin on the table and a bay leaf topiary. #falldecor #homedecor #fallhometour

That’s about it for my simple kitchen tour. If you’d like to see the other spots in my home dressed up for fall, check them out here:

I’ve also shared in the past about budget decorating, how to get organized in the fall and 11 ways to add Fall to your home!

Chalk holder next to a chalkboard with a coral hydrangea for fall! Fall Home Tour | Fall Home Decor Ideas

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my fall kitchen – and I hope you’ll take some time to hop around to the gorgeous home tours that are linked below, especially Doreen Corrigan‘s lovely home filled with beautiful greenery.

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  1. I love all of your decorating and I’d love to know where you got your kitchen shelves. I’ve seen some similar to those but not quite the same.

  2. You look terrific, despite all that was going on behind the scenes! My kids are out of school, but I’m sure their teachers would have loved a break from lunch duty! Your house is beautiful as always! I remember you talking a while back about painting your front door and having to have the color approved by the HMA, but I must have missed when you actually painted it, what color is it? Whatever it is, it looks nice!

  3. I LOVE your behind-the-scenes secrets, haha! You are hilarious! Maybe this is why my house (and I!) don’t look Pinterest Perfect all day every day???!? A little real life going on? 😉 The half-finished nail polish is the best! All that and you still look pretty and welcoming. 😊
    Your home is beautiful! I LOVE the simpler kitchen shelves- SO pretty! All that wood and the
    printables… lovely. I always like the way you get a lot of greenery into your decor. I love it in mine too! I’m off the check on those trees at your front door now…
    Happy fall!

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