Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Fall is the perfect time of the year to update your kitchen area or dining room with new decor and add a little flare with fall colors. Get simple ideas for adding fall kitchen decor to your home. Check out the easy seasonal decorations that add cozy charm on any budget level!

Gorgeous Autumn Leaven in Wooden Bowl

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I love to add subtle seasonal touches to every room in the house. And the kitchen is no different. But I don’t want cluttered countertops or lots of stuff I need to move out of the way when I’m working in the kitchen. So, I’m sharing how I love to add fall without adding clutter!

It can be as simple as lighting a candle or adding some new salad plates to the rotation. But I hope you walk away inspired to add a little autumnal decor to your kitchen and dining room.

10 Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Dress for Thanksgiving or any Fall Occasion

First of all, if you’re hosting something in the kitchen for fall, like Thanksgiving, or a bridal shower, brunch or baby shower, I have the perfect $25 dress for you! It’s my favorite new find this season and would be perfect to wear to any dressy occasion this fall.

fall dress in dining room

This beautiful dress from @walmartfashion has a lovely fall floral pattern, smocked waist and is light and breezy as the season transitions from hot to cold! It would be perfect for a brunch, shower or wedding this fall!

It comes in a green color as well! I’ve got the entire outfit selected for you, if you need to spruce up your wardrobe this year.


2. Fall-Scented Candle in the Kitchen

There’s nothing better than a candle in the kitchen to cover up certain food scents. But I always try to stick with scents you could find in the kitchen, like: farm apple & pumpkin, pumpkin snickerdoodle swirl, or snickerdoodle swirl.

Antique Candle Co. has the best candles around!

3. Use Fall-inspired Tableware

One way to add a touch of fall to your kitchen is by using fall-inspired tableware. You can use plates, cups, and mugs with fall colors like orange, brown, and green.

Fall salad plate

My biggest time to decorate for a new season without changing out everything is to swap out your salad plates. Keep the neutral chargers and dinner plates and simply change out a smaller plate, bowl or serving dish.

Add some colorful napkins and tablecloths with fall patterns to complete the look. Your family and guests will feel cozy and welcome during mealtime.

4. Orange Fall Leaf Branches in a Vase on the Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island, it’s so easy to keep a bowl or tray filled with pumpkins and leafy stems in a vase for decor. Then move it aside when you need to use the space. I love how mine adds some simple charm to the kitchen without being in the way!

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray painted door

5. Add Seasonal Linens

Linens like tablecloths and cloth napkins in warm colors like rust, plum, avocado and marigolds are the perfect way to dress up a table for fall without being cutesy.

Rust colored cloth napkins and pumpkin plates

6. Incorporate Wood Tones

Wood is a perfect material to bring the fall mood to your kitchen. You can add wood décor elements such as cutting boards, utensils, and bowls.

Fall Eat-in Kitchen with Farmhouse Decor

You can also bring in some wooden furniture pieces such as a wooden stool or a dining table. The warmth of the wood element will make your kitchen feel inviting and cozy.

7. Fall Coffee Station Decor

Grab some neutral or fall-colored mugs to dress up your coffee station. I love to keep it neutral with a mug, or a pumpkin-shaped mug would be fun, too! Copper mugs would be a perfect neutral, yet seasonal touch, too!

Coffee Station dressed up for Fall

8. Fall Open Kitchen Shelving Decor

If you have open shelves in your kitchen, decorating them for fall means warm colors, fall stems and lots of wood finishes! Use cutting boards and wood rolling pins for the right look in the kitchen for fall.

Open kitchen shelves decorated for fall | fig leaves | fiddle leaf fig | cutting boards | antique pizza boards | fall decor ideas
Open kitchen shelves decorated for fall | fig leaves | fiddle leaf fig | cutting boards | antique pizza boards | fall decor ideas

9. Display Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is the season for harvest, and there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that make perfect kitchen décor items. You can display bowls of apples, pears, and berries on your kitchen counter.

You can also hang some dried corn or mini gourds on your kitchen wall. These simple touches will add a bit of nature-inspired décor to your kitchen.

Dining Buffet for Fall

I love to display a bowl of faux artichokes in the dining room all year long, but especially seems fitting in autumn!

10. Amber Tones

Add some beautiful flowers or fall stems with amber tones to the kitchen in a vase. What better way to cook than with pretty foliage?

Green and coral pink hydrangeas grace the white sink in a cozy fall kitchen. Lots of fall home decor ideas in this post!
Chalk holder next to a chalkboard with a coral hydrangea for fall! Fall Home Tour | Fall Home Decor Ideas

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to incorporate wooden elements, pumpkins, gourds or autumn fruits and vegetables, there are countless ways to add some fall decor to your kitchen.

These simple decorating ideas are sure to make your kitchen feel cozy, warm, and inviting. I hope these inspirations will encourage you to get creative and bring the fall vibes into your kitchen.

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  1. Your home looks so inviting. It’s saying to me, “ come on in, take your shoes off, and make yourself at home.” Thanks for that. ❤️

  2. I love all of your decorating and I’d love to know where you got your kitchen shelves. I’ve seen some similar to those but not quite the same.

  3. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing behind the scenes! You look great and I would love to come in for coffee! Thanks for sharing your fall home tour.

  4. You look terrific, despite all that was going on behind the scenes! My kids are out of school, but I’m sure their teachers would have loved a break from lunch duty! Your house is beautiful as always! I remember you talking a while back about painting your front door and having to have the color approved by the HMA, but I must have missed when you actually painted it, what color is it? Whatever it is, it looks nice!

  5. I LOVE your behind-the-scenes secrets, haha! You are hilarious! Maybe this is why my house (and I!) don’t look Pinterest Perfect all day every day???!? A little real life going on? 😉 The half-finished nail polish is the best! All that and you still look pretty and welcoming. 😊
    Your home is beautiful! I LOVE the simpler kitchen shelves- SO pretty! All that wood and the
    printables… lovely. I always like the way you get a lot of greenery into your decor. I love it in mine too! I’m off the check on those trees at your front door now…
    Happy fall!

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