A Traditional Spring Tablescape (& the End of an Era)


Last night was the end of an era.

When I first started sharing my home almost a decade ago, I had just moved into a builder-beige home and had very little extra money for decorating. It was the end of the recession and I had just lost my job. So, the funds for furnishing our new home were slim to none.

Traditional Spring Tablescape
My current dining room with the beloved table. Wall Color: Kendall Charcoal

I had a 1-year-old baby and plenty of time to do projects. And it was the beginning of the rise of the farmhouse decorating style.

Remember the pallet projects? I found pallets on the side of the road that same year and they kept me busy with projects for years to come! (I think one of the reasons the farmhouse style took off at that time was that people’s bank accounts were hurting and it’s easy and cheap to make furniture in the farmhouse style.)

Spring Table Setting

One of the first projects I made was my farmhouse table. I had received a circular saw for a birthday present and saved up to buy a Kreg Jig. I convinced my husband that I could build a table for only $100 + the tools. And he agreed to spend our hard-earned money on a table.

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And so my first big DIY project was birthed out of desperation and ingenuity. The building project was a success (πŸŽ‰) and I quickly found more ways to add DIY furniture and home accents to my house.

Dining Room with Farmhouse Table

I loved that I could now create a beautiful home for my family with some lumber and a few basic tools. It was the beginning of a DIY season and the start of this blog, which now provides my family with a full-time income so that I don’t have to DIY everything anymore. (Thank you for being here & supporting us!!)

Garden rose centerpiece

But when we moved into our current home, I knew that it was not a farmhouse style home.

I’m a big believer in listening to your home and decorating within the style of home you have. There are some exceptions to that rule, but I knew my originally-built-in-the-1990’s, traditional Cape Cod-style home wasn’t the place for my beloved farmhouse table. (Or the matching bench or my DIY media console either. πŸ˜”)

Spring Dining Table Decor
! recently inherited my great-grandmother’s 40+ piece crystal collection, and it brings me such JOY to use it in my home.

And so last night I sold the farmhouse table and matching farmhouse bench to a dear friend whose home is more suited to that style. And I couldn’t let the table go without decorating her one last time. (I’ll be selling my media console next, once I find a replacement.)

So, in honor of the last 9.5 years and the fact that this table started my whole DIY journey, I displayed one final spring tablescape and captured the raw, rustic beauty.

It has served us well.

Gray Dining Room with Spring Table Decor

And I’m so glad it’ll move on to another family who will love it and gather around it as we have done.

While it’s the end of one era, it’s the beginning of another. I’ve spent this last year learning and figuring out exactly how to decorate this new house of mine.

Simple Spring Tablescape

I have loved seeing the rise of the “grandmillennial” style because it really fits this 90’s home.

When we first moved in, we felt like it had a “Home Alone House” vibe and that pretty much sums it up. Lots of wallpaper, lots of fancy trim work and lots of patterns. (By the way, 95% of the walls in this home were wallpapered at one point and have since been painted over. So, we’ll just be going back to her roots.)

Spring Gardening Decor in Dining Room

I’ll soon share more about my take on that traditional style and how it will evolve in my home in the years to come.

But for now, I’m having a moment of silence for the table that started it all and helped me create this online space that has become a community. Thanks again for being here!

Casual Spring Dining Decor

Dining Room Sources:

Crystal Glasses – my great-grandmother’s | Woven Chargers | Gold “Silverware” | Napkins | Table Runner | Speckled Eggs | Ceramic Egg Crate | X-Back Dining Chairs | Hooks in Entry Way | Round Mirror (not available) | DIY Table Tutorial | DIY Bench Tutorial | DIY Buffet Tutorial | Grecian Bust Planter | Faux Potted Mini Orchids | Plates on the Wall – antiques | Other Faux Flowers – local | Block Pattern Blue Pillows | Pink Windowpane Throw Blanket

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  1. I am so happy you are enjoying your great-grandmother’s crystal. It made your table scape look very beautiful and inviting. Mother would love it and be very proud of you. Love, Uncle Ken

  2. I’m not so sure I could have let go of that simply gorgeous table. I understand about dragging furniture around with you but that table. Sigh. I look forward to seeing your new ideas. They will be stunning.

  3. Beautiful table! Man, this is the hard thing about DIYing stuff: it SO hard to move on! You get attached. πŸ™‚ Needs change though, so… Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  4. Oh I can’t wait to see what you end up doing next! That table was a beauty and your friend is so lucky!

  5. Good-bye dear table! I’m sure the new family will build memories around the table you lovingly crafted. I’m excited to see the changes in your beautiful home. I love your dining room and the paint color on the wall. I love how the gold chandelier plays off the color as well. I have two identical chandeliers in my home and I am wondering if this is grand millennial style. I have felt like maybe my chandeliers are outdated, so I’ve been looking for others to replace it with. Honestly I haven’t found anything with the same shine and presence. So I’m curious if you will be replacing it or embracing it.

  6. I’m excited and looking forward to see your new furniture and decor. I too moved into a house that farmhouse just didn’t work. We purchased a lake house and the style just didn’t fit. I’ve worked over the last 18 months decorating my home with the style that suits her location. I never had farmhouse style furniture, so my existing furnishings worked well. I love your Blog and look forward to what you have in store!

  7. I concur with your assessment of decorating for the home you’re in. We are making some upgrades/updates and recently discovered four different wallpapers in our kitchen, under paint and over paneling. It’s like a time capsule. I’m interested to see how you handle the same issue. Thanks for always being so real about these processes.

  8. You do a table scape so well and your dining room looks so inviting. I’m sure the new furniture will be just as warm and will fit the new home perfectly. It’s a reminder that the furniture we bring with us move after move after move can make us not love our home and leave us feeling unsettled. But when we take the time to decorate our home to fit the space, then our mood and enjoyment of our home vastly improves.

  9. I am 80 years strong, and I am in awe of your beautiful success and talent for creating beauty with breaking budgets. Easy to decorate with unlimited funds, but to put your crafting skills together with exquisite decor is outstanding. I used to dabble with refinishing, but never thought of creating!!!!! And thank you for sharing!!!!!

  10. Thanks for taking us on your journey. This one is bittersweet for you! But, your sweet table will go to a good home, and you will be getting a new one that you will love, too. I look forward to your emails in my box. They are always fun and informative. Keep up the great work!

  11. I do like the Farmhouse style and the causal, comfortable feel it brings, but I am looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve with this new look!

  12. I can’t wait to see what you do with the ol’ girl! I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. As much as I love looking at the ‘Farmhouse Style’ when I go to Hobby Lobby, and in an actual farmhouse, I just can’t make myself do it all over my house! I’m on pins and needles to see how your cute home turns out!

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