The Best Home Decor Paint Colors: Kendall Charcoal

If you love to use dark-toned colors in your home and want to try something new, let me introduce you to one of my new favorite neutral colors – Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal! This paint color has a dark green-grey tint to it that seems to go with just about everything. That’s it’s the perfect dark neutral shade.

Starting from the exterior of your home all the way to some of the interior rooms, Kendall Charcoal (HC-166) tends to work well when paired with cream or taupe paint colors, lots of white trim or even accessorized with gold accent pieces.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal - a rich, moody dark paint color that looks beautiful in any room!

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This color looks gorgeous in all lighting and in all photos. It’s seriously so beautiful!

NOTE: If you’re painting the room yourself, these tools will help tremendously. And this post will give you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

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What Colors Go With Kendall Charcoal?

There are so many colors that work fantastic with BM Kendall Charcoal. Here are just a few shades to try:

Kendall Charcoal Undertones

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal has such versatile and interesting grey-green undertones that it will change based on what you decorate around it.

This color seriously goes with just about everything, doesn’t it? I am crazy about the undertones in this gorgeous dining room from Disheveled Delight. By simply decorating the table with greenery, you can see the dark greens in the side cabinet shine through.

Kendall Charcoal hutch in the dining room
Courtesy of Disheveled Delight

My one piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to use a dark color in a small space!

It even looks great in small spaces, or as an accent wall, which not all dark shades can. This luxurious color pops in such a gorgeous way with crisp white room accents and trim. I can’t stop dreaming of an office like the one below, bathed in natural light.

A Kendall Charcoal accent wall with lots of natural light in an office
Courtesy of Hirschfields

What Colors Coordinate with Kendall Charcoal

Kendall Charcoal is a fabulous color trim work, an accent wall or to paint on stone or brick. It’s great with other warm neutral white, beiges, greiges and taupes like Edgecomb Gray or Shoji White.

If you need a trim color to coordinate with Kendall Charcoal, look at colors like White Dove, Alabaster and Simply White. They will work well together!

Kendall Charcoal vs. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is much lighter than Kendall Charcoal, but still in the same color family: neutral gray with a green undertone. If you love Kendall Charcoal, but can’t commit to a paint color that dark, try Revere Pewter!

Kendall Charcoal vs. Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray is another color in this neutral warm gray family with green undertones. And it’s slightly lighter than Kendall Charcoal, thus being more versatile.

Kendall Charcoal vs. Grizzle Gray

If you love Kendall Charcoal, but don’t love the green undertones, try Grizzle Gray. It’s another dark gray color, but with blue undertones!

Kendall Charcoal In Different Rooms

In these photos, you will be able to see and get inspired on how to use Kendall Charcoal in multiple rooms on your home. This dark and versatile neutral color looks amazing on kitchen cabinets, front doors, walls, and even in mudrooms.

Check out all these lovely and inspiring home decor ideas that use Kendall Charcoal paint.

Kendall Charcoal Kitchen Cabinets

The dark undertones of Kendall Charcoal pair really well with cabinets as you can see in the following examples.

This shade is incredibly versatile and especially pretty on cabinets and doors. It also pairs well with light or medium stained wood as you can see in the kitchen from Revision LLC.

I really love the look of a rich gray and a light wood, whether it’s on the floors or even in furniture. Just a little something to think about if you have oak in your house that isn’t going anywhere at any time soon.

Kendall Charcoal kitchen cabinets
Courtesy of Revision LLC

This amazing mudroom from Decor Pad features dark gray cabinets painted with Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. There are a bunch of different patterns and colors going on here, but somehow they all go together!

Kendall Charcoal mudroom cabinets with brass and green accents
Courtesy of DecorPad

Hello, two-toned beauty! If you don’t want to commit to cabinets entirely in this dark color, you can always just do half of them.

If you still want light colors but love an accent color, use the kitchen below as inspiration.

The back kitchen island from Mia Mia Mine was painted Kendall Charcoal before being topped with gorgeous quartz waterfall countertops. The perimeter cabinetry is painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White, which makes the charcoal island really pop!

Kendall Charcoal kitchen cabinets with gorgeous quartz waterfall countertops
Courtesy of Mia Mia Mine

This is a gorgeous kitchen (thanks to The Inspired Room) that has these beautiful cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal!

The cabinets pair with perfectly with nickel hardware and Caesarstone white countertops. The striped rug is a nice choice as it helps accent those cabinet undertones! I love pulling the colors from the cabinets into the rug, which unifies the room in a subtle but effective way.

Kendall Charcoal kitchen cabinets with white subway tile, nickel hardware and Caesarstone white countertops.
Courtesy of The Inspired Room

Kendall Charcoal in Interior Rooms

This masculine gray den shown on Decor Pad features eye-catching gray prism cabinets positioned on either side of a door. The entire room’s walls are painted in Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, and the results are very dramatic.

This entire room screams modern elegance. While it isn’t exactly my style I am really drawn to this image—something about it just pulls you in.

Masculine gray den with kendall charcoal paint on the walls
Courtesy of Decor Pad

My own dining room boasts upper walls painted in our favorite new charcoal gray, which contrasts beautifully against the white lower half.

This modern farmhouse dining room also features an original 90’s brass chandelier that actually works surprisingly well with this wall color. And check out my favorite gorgeous mirror, too! If only Pottery Barn still carried it! But I’ve gathered similar round statement mirrors in this post.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal in the Dining Room | A dark and moody dining room with white trim and brass & wood accents

I plan on bringing in pops of color for each season, starting with pinks and whites for spring! And I’m excited to make this masculine wall color look feminine with floral accents and pretty accessories.

Kendall Charcoal Exterior

When I told you this color is versatile, I wasn’t kidding! It looks perfect as an exterior color too. Since this is a lovely neutral tone, you can repaint your front or back door with it just like The Inspired Room.

It will look perfect with any accents that you put around it, including house plants and cute rugs.

Kendall Charcoal painted interior front door
Courtesy of The Inspired Room

When you paint the outside of your house, use bright white accents like Interiors by Color did. This will give your home the eye-catching curb appeal that you want.

I just love how this color goes so well with the natural stone in the pillars and how it also unifies the furniture and lawn decor too.

Kendall Charcoal on the exterior of a house with white trim and a wood door
Courtesy of Interiors by Color

BM Kendall Charcoal doesn’t just go with stone. It can make brick accents pop too! In fact, I think the dark grey color on the exterior of the home shared by Kelly Bernier Designs makes the red colors pop even more.

Plus, the dark grey allows the white trim to have center stage. This is a wonderful way to show off your unique roofline!

Kendall Charcoal on the exterior of a house with brick and white trim accents
Courtesy of Kelly Bernier Designs

Kendall Charcoal – The Perfect Neutral

The best thing about Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal is that it goes in almost every room – inside and outside! It pairs with any accent color. If you have ever been tempted to try a darker shade, this is a safe color to start with.

Check Out Some More Of The Best Home Decor Paint Colors

If you love this Kendall Charcoal color, check out some of these other home paint colors from the Benjamin Moore Collection:

Tips for Painting a Room Yourself

I’ve gathered some of the best tools for painting a room yourself. First of all, you’ll want to check out this post I wrote: Painting a Room in 5 Easy Steps. These tools are the top tools I use when painting my own rooms, which is how they get painted 95% of the time!

  • Paint Brush – These paint brushes are a little more expensive than your basic brush, but they’re worth it! I’ve used these brushes for more than a decade and if you wash them out well after each use, they will last for years.
  • Painter’s Tape – a MUST have for taping off edges. You’ll need to tape off all edges if you don’t have a steady hand.
  • Drop Cloths – a must have if you don’t have any laying around the house already.
  • Paint cup – Sure you could use any old cup, but I’ve come to swear by this one. The magnetic piece holds your brush cleanly in place when you need to take a break. And it fits my hand perfectly, keeping it from cramping.
  • Roller Tray – I’ve found the only paint tray I’ll ever use again. The magnetic piece is great for holding the roller in place. And the liners are a luxury, but I won’t paint without them because it makes clean up a breeze!

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  2. Hi. I’m thinking of painting my stucco house Cape May cobblestone with Kendall charcoal shutters. My dilemma is that all of my windows are black( which I love), but I was wondering if I could do the trim around these windows with Simply white and do my door in a bright color. Or is that weird?

  3. Thinking of using this as my interior door color as walls surrounding it are a light sage. Currently the door is a burnt orange and wanted to go taupe but tile in front is a blah/taupe/tan so wondering if the dark grey will work. Just needs a fresh color but don’t want to paint all the walls too. Thoughts?

  4. What is the neutral color on the “Inspired Room” wall that pairs so well with the Kendall Charcoal painted door?

  5. I agree that Kendall Charcoal is a beautiful color! Do I dare use it on my house exterior when I have dark green shingles? (They’re too new to replace just yet) I plan to use a white for the pillars and trim. Thanks!

  6. I agree about Kendall Charcoal being a beautiful color! Do I dare paint the exterior of my house with it being I have green shingles? (They’re too new to replace just yet). I plan to use a white for the pillars and trim. Thanks!

  7. Love Kendall Gray in my bedroom. Using it for the vanity in the adjoining master bath . Suggestions for wall color? Lots of natural light.

    1. Hi Emily! I am trying to decide on a paint color for my vanity. My walls are BM London Fog and I want a dark gray so considering Kendall Charcoal. Did you end up going with it for your vanity? What wall color did you use?

  8. Kendall Charcoal is a beautiful colour and the complementary options pair quite nicely. My only issue is I really do not like Benjamin Moore paint. I have tried it on more than one occasion to make sure I was giving the paint a fair chance. Just know I won’t be purchasing it again. But I love the colour and was wondering if there is a comparable colour at Sherwin Williams, Lowes or Pittsburgh Paints??? Love the blog and the mirror is stunning. PIER 1 is closing their doors here in Canada and it breaks my heart. Thank you for any guidance.

    1. I don’t know of a comparable color at those stores, but if you have a Benjamin Moore store (or decorating store that carries them) nearby, just grab a paint color swatch and have it color matched at Lowe’s or Sherwin Williams. I almost always use Lowe’s Valspar Signature Paint + Primer paint color matched to whatever Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color I want! I might not be a PERFECT match, but it’s close enough to me! Then I just keep track of the Lowe’s color code and use that every time I need more paint.

    2. You can go to Sherman Williams and tell them the paint color that you want. They can make it with sherman William paint if they have the formula

      1. This is true, too. And I’ve done that before. In recent years, though, I’ve found that it’s best to go to the store where the paint color is from. It’s too hard to get a really good match anymore. I’ve tested it a few times and it’s never quite right – even if the other store has the formula.

    1. Hi Martha! I wish it was still for sale. It’s an old Pottery Barn find that’s no longer sold. Makes me sad, because it’s such a great mirror! xo, Laura

  9. I know it’s beautiful in your boys’ bathroom!! I want to use it other places in my home, I love it so much!! Thanks for sharing, Shelley! xo, Laura

  10. Beautiful inspiration! I love this color and recently used it to paint the vanity in our boys’ bathroom. I agree that it’s a great neutral!

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