Simple & Neutral Fall Mantel Decor

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Beautiful fall mantel decor with lots of blue and neutral details shows how to incorporate fall decor with simple decorating ideas.

This time of year is magical for sure. Sharpened pencils, anticipation of the cooler temps and glorious leaves falling to their collective resting place. Hopes of a renewed sense of purpose, finishing the year strong and preparing for the holidays to come.

And if you’re anywhere near the South – the promise of cooler temps is a clear bright spot of the season. 😉 This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy here.

Fall pumpkin centerpiece with home pillow and blanket ladder.

It’s exciting, cozy and expectant. Saturdays are spent with friends and family – cookouts and football. Sweater weather starts and the much anticipated boots are pulled out of the closet. Sweater weather is my favorite weather, y’all.

The lazy, sweaty days of summer give way to early mornings with a chill in the air. And it’s a welcome change after months and months (and months) of 90-degree weather.

Note: I’ll share a list of all the sources at the end of this post, so be sure to check that out if you have any questions. You will see some of the images in little carousels along the way; you can just click the image to shop the items.

Beautiful blues and browns in this fall decorated living room. | Fall Mantel Decor Ideas | Fall Decor

I wanted to channel allll of these feelings and emotions with my decor, as I always want to do every year. But this year I wanted more cozy, more warmth. Hence a lot of browns and medium blues. I was craving simplicity and texture as opposed to more and more stuff.

Shutter and olive tree with "let's stay home" sign and a wood grain pumpkin. Fall Mantel Decor #fallmantel #manteldecor #falldecor #homedecor

In addition to craving simplicity – I had to resist every urge not to put some faux plant or faux foliage on the little table in between the chairs – I also have been craving more symmetry lately.

Beautiful neutral fall mantel with blues and browns and beautiful fall greenery.

There was a time when I did a lot of off-centered vignettes, and I still have those in other spots around my home. But over the past year you’ve seen more and more balanced decor on my mantel. And I really feel like it creates a sense of calm and order in my home.

I mean – it’s not exact symmetry, but it’s definitely balanced.

What truly made this room work for me this year, though, was all of the pretty pillows and the textures and the blues and browns. I’m just in love!

Fall Living Room Decor with mantel with wood shutter decor and browns and blues.

You may notice some colors missing from my usual mantel decor. For instance, there’s no turquoise this year. Instead I’m using navy and medium blues, which remind me of blue jeans – the epitome of fall. (One of my favorite fall trends I highlighted in this post.)

Beautiful blues and browns in this fall decorated living room. | Fall Mantel Decor Ideas | Fall Decor

And lots of wood tones and browns along with fall greenery. It’s a different vibe for me, more warm colors. But I’m all about the more neutral palette. One of my friends on Instagram called it the “Joanna Gaines effect” and I think she’s on to something. But I’m loving it!

I did make an exception with the fall centerpiece I made with a few oranges, plums and light blues. But it’s just a small pop of color and I really love it. I just moved it into here for the pictures as it usually lives in the dining room as a table centerpiece.

Neutral fall decor with some small pops of jewel tones - bring a cozy, yet fun vibe to this fall living room decor.

Do you like to decorate for each season? Or do you decorate once and leave it up all year (with the exception of Christmas)? I really love to at least change out the pillows each season and grab a few decorative items. But I’ma big fan of leaving some things in place all of the time, too.

Shutter and olive tree with "let's stay home" sign and a wood grain pumpkin. Fall Mantel Decor

Like that big mirror over the mantel? I bought two of them earlier this year to use in my master bathroom… but this one never made it past the living room. Once I set it up there just to get it out of the way, I fell in love. I think I’ll just decorate around it from now on. Simple, huh?

I kind of love that you can see the reflection of the ceiling fan in the mirror, too. It’s super cute and I love how it looks in the room.

Fall living room with Samsung Frame TV 55"... love the art function on this TV when it's in standby mode.

I’ll leave you with this first look at our new TV, which is the Samsung Frame TV. I resisted my husband’s pleas for a new TV for years, but when I saw that this TV displayed art while it was in standby mode – and that you can flush mount it on the wall to look like canvas art, I was sold!

I’ll post a full review when we finally get it mounted on the wall once our new sectional arrives.

Hopefully you enjoyed my little tour of my fall mantel today – and gleaned some decorating inspiration for yourself. I’m excited to share more of my decor next week with my fall home tour!

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  1. Love this- you do a great job! Are the wicker chairs aside the fireplace mostly “for pretty”? Of course chairs are for sitting, but I wondered if people choose to sit in them? I’m thinking about buying them since I had to move my “house-sized” furniture into a much smaller townhouse- the padded chairs might have to go, and these wicker ones would fit. What do you think? Do you choose to sit in them? thanks!!!

  2. Where do you keep all your decor when it’s not out on display? Do you buy new things every year to stay trendy, and donate the stuff you just bought a year or two ago? I enjoy decorating seasonally, too, but I am having trouble figuring out where to keep all my stuff.

  3. So pretty! I love the blues and it’s still so cozy! I’ve been looking at the Stay In sign from Target every time I go in there but can’t quite figure out where to put it in our house. It looks perfect on your mantel!

  4. Very pretty! I love blues! Those little trees… I’ve got to get/make/SOMETHING some! …Anything but steal, haha!
    I’m a decorate-for-the-seasons person. I hit a few holidays too (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Resurrection) and might add a little patriotic for summer holidays if I’m feeling it… sometimes a little (very little!) for Valentines Day because that’s my oldest son’s birthday and it’s fun to tease a 22-year-old with pink and red hearts, haha! I’m a cruel mom. 😁
    I know it’s time to break out the pumpkins and leaves finally, because my youngest (a 3-year-old BOY) was mentally redecorating our house the other day. As in: “Mom… could we maybe do our house purple and white? …what if we put a tree there?” HAHA!!! My husband promptly vetoed all “purple” suggestions except for in flowers. 😊 I only had time the other day to get out a long-time tradition basket of fabric “throwing pumpkins” (I have 7 boys. Pumpkins WILL be thrown.) that has sat on the coffee table every fall since before my little guy was born. He said (with great enthusiasm) “Oh I LOVE these!!!” I love a man who appreciates decorating! 😊💕 My fall stuff goes up today!

  5. I would say you brought in warmth and it’s definitely cozy! Well done and that tv displaying art? How neat is that? Thanks for sharing on the blog hop.

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