My Simple Beachy Summer Mantel {2017}

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Hey there! One of the easiest ways to freshen up my home is by changing up the mantel each season. It’s my favorite thing about my home decor and since I’m a summer girl at heart, a beachy summer mantel is quite the treat!

I’m all about changing out my decor – simply! No fuss needed here.

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

Now, I’d love to introduce you to my simple beachy living room and mantel!

This is the view you will see when you come into my front door. It’s the focal point of the house, so I want to make sure it’s all dressed up!

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram Stories, then you’ll already know all about my DIY Beachy Frame that I put together this past week. I had no intentions of making it, but when I stuck that canvas on the wall without the frame, the whole wall just swallowed it up!

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

I knew it needed the perfect, chunky wooden frame with lots of beachy distressing and texture. So, I set about making this frame with pieces of wood from my scrap pile.

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

It was so much fun to make and I shared the tutorial so you can learn how to make your own!

Full Tutorial: Beach-Inspired DIY Framed Canvas Art

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

I took that picture last year on our annual beach trip and just had to blow it up and display it this year. It took my breath away each day when I walked up to that spot and saw those colors peeking through on the horizon. The beach is my happy place and the colors of the ocean – turquoise, navy and mint – are the inspiration for this blog’s name!

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

Since the frame isn’t symmetrical, I decided to go completely symmetrical with the side pieces.

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

These olive buckets have been on the scene in stores and magazines for years now, but I’ve never bought any until this week. (Well, minus the galvanized bucket on the floor, which isn’t exactly the same, but a similar look.)

I stopped in Hobby Lobby to grab some floral stems and possibly some vases to go on either side of my framed picture. I saw these olive buckets filled with lamb’s ears, eucalyptus and lavender sitting in the front window. I just grabbed them up and bought them already arranged. Yay! It was such a time saver.

So, go ask your local Hobby Lobby flower arranger ladies to make one for you, too. 😉

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

They were just too pretty to pass up and I just knew they would be perfect adorning my beach picture.

I filled the smaller vases with shells from our many beach trips. Just kidding! They are vase filler shells from Target last year.

The mantel is super simple, yet it works! It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be pretty. You can just pick a proportionate centerpiece and two smaller items to flank it and you’re all set when it comes to decorating a mantel!

Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

The wooden box on the table is a project I made this spring and I’m still smitten with it! The full tutorial for the wooden box is right here.

I added some fun pillows to the couch this year to bring in more turquoise. These patterned pillows were on Target clearance a year or so ago. I love them, but have never used them until now! Affiliate links are used for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy here.

Favorite summer books to read! | Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

I really didn’t add much else to the room for summer. The stack of books on my end table are some of my most recent favorites: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Grace Not Perfection and Present Over Perfect (my current fave)!

Favorite summer books to read! | Simply Beachy Summer Mantel at

And one of my favorite reading corners. I didn’t change it at all, but you can find the DIY blanket ladder tutorial here.

Now on to the entry way! I’m just sharing these two spaces today and will share more summer decor in a couple of weeks.

Cute Lemon Wreath and Summer Entry Way

This entry is utilizing so many of the items I bought from last year. I did make that “relax” sign and I just have to share the tutorial. It’s one of my favorite summer decor items ever – and so easy to make!

Cute Lemon Wreath and Summer Entry Way

The sailboats are from Target and they have the navy striped one still available this year. Yay!!

Cute Lemon Wreath and Summer Entry Way

I just adore this cute lemon wreath from Tar-jay! I now just need a similar one to go on my front door, because it’s been naked since Christmas. 😜😳

Thank you for touring the living room and entry way of my home today!

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  1. Hey LauraI, I’m with you- all about the summer , beachy colors , sand , relaxing, water.Aah, the summer air , I am a summer person. Of course I am from Key West, Fla ! I grew up there, graduated from there and love, love the beaches on the coast. Tourquoise and coral are some of my favorite colors. I love your home and love how you decorate it and enjoy reading and seeing how and what you do. I wonder where did you get the tobacco baskets? I really like how you change out your shelves. I may just try and make some myself! Keep up the good work! Carolyn.

    1. I love it when I connect with another beach lover! It’s just the best place on earth! 🙂 I got the tobacco baskets from a company called Decor Steals. They have daily “steals” for sale and those baskets come around every so often. Decor Steals (sign up for their e-mails, so you’ll be alerted when they come out with the baskets again.) —>>>

      Or, I’ve seen them on Etsy, too! —>>>

      These are my affiliate links! 🙂

  2. Love this ! Totally inspired to update my living room. Our mantle wall is super similar. Can I ask the paint color and where you got the curtains?

    Thank you!

    1. Great mantel and post. Thank you for sharing. What paint color are the walls with the summer mantel?

  3. your mantle looks so pretty and your home looks relaxing and inviting! love the colors and i LOVE that huge mirror!

  4. I’m SO inspired by your post to change out my spring mantle for the fresh looking summer one!! <3 Where did you get your matching lamps that are on your dresser/table with the relax sign? I'm looking for some lamps just like that!!

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much!! I got those lamps from Home Goods, so they may or may not have something similar right now since their stock varies by store and by the day. I got them a couple of years ago. But, I’ve found very similar ones at Wal-mart of all places. Here’s the link —>>>

      Have a great day! xo, Laura

    1. Hi Pam! It’s the Garden Lattice Mirror from Pottery Barn, but unfortunately it’s no longer available. 🙁 I am working on a round up of other large wooden mirrors, though. So check back around the beginning of August for that post! I hope it’ll be helpful because I get questions about that mirror all the time! I’ve even had people tell me they would buy it from me for way more than it’s worth. Guess it’s a popular one! Have a great day!! xo, Laura

  5. Beautiful, Laura! I love all your fresh summery touches. Right up my alley, as you know!! Have a great weekend:)

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