Above Bed Decor: 12 Ideas for Decorating that Odd Space


Is your bedroom in need of some charm? The space above your bed can be a difficult space to decorate. However, with the ideas in today’s post, you’re going to suddenly find that deciding on your above bed decor is much easier.

Ah, the bedroom. It’s a space of relaxation, and it’s very personal.

The bed, of course, is the major focal point of any bedroom. By extension, your ‘over the bed’ decor is a wonderful place to personalize your room by showcasing special pieces.

How to Decorate Above the Bed

However, that space above the bed can be an awkward area to embellish – a large empty area that needs a finishing touch to make the entire room feel complete. Yet, it’s not easy to decorate that area because it’s often long and narrow, especially if you have a tall headboard.  

If you’re working to make that room just right, you may be changing the paint color, the headboard, the bedding, or even just making sure you have the right sized rug for your bedroom. But what do you do with regards to your over-the-bed decor?

Today, I’m going to share with you some versatile above bed decor ideas to help you figure out just how to decorate that dead space over your bed!

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12 Versatile Above Bed Decor Ideas

There are, believe it or not, a ton of things you can do in terms of above headboard decor. I’ll just go over a few, but please don’t consider this list to be exhaustive.

It’s just meant to spark your imagination and help you create a space you love.

1. Art

Let’s start with the most common above the bed decor, and that’s simple some art! But I know it’s not always easy to find long horizontal pieces that fit the space perfectly.

I chose this Sea Glass Coast piece for above our bed because it reminds me of my favorite place in the world – the beach. And the size is perfection! (It’s the 48″ x 16″ size with an antique gold frame.)

Lindsay Letters offers so many long horizontal pieces of art that are perfect for that blank space over the bed!

I love how a beautiful gallery wall looks above the bed. Even with this one idea, you have several options for how you want it to look.

Using artwork and photos, you can make the gallery wall uniform with similar prints and frames so that it essentially functions as a headboard like this example from Better Homes & Gardens.

Or, you could take the idea in a more artistic direction by using different frames, different sizes, or a mix of photos and art.

gallery style art hanging above the bed

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can give a wall not only visual interest but depth as well, like this example from Studio McGee. One simple, but highly effective and beautiful, way to add above headboard decor is to wallpaper the wall behind the bed.

Use it as an accent wall. Bonus points if you find a wallpaper that has texture as well!

Bed with Wallpaper Behind It

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4. Hang a Mirror

A mirror above the bed creates an instant focal point and makes the room feel larger thanks to their reflective nature. Any size mirror could work, it just depends on what you prefer.

You can even combine artwork and mirrors by hanging a sunburst mirror like this example from Centsational Style, or you could make a gallery of smaller mirrors.

sunburst mirror hanging on the wall above a bed

Click/Tap the Images Below to Shop Mirrors

5. Hang Drapes

Looking for a little drama behind and above your bed? Hang drapes like this example from Apartment Therapy. You can go soft and sensual or more elegant and formal – whatever fits your style.

But, there’s no doubt that drapes add a level of drama that few other decor elements can match.

Americana Bedroom with Drapes Behind Bed

6. Woven Baskets

I love the versatility that this option provides. You can do a single large basket like this example from Pottery Barn, or you can make your above bed decor less uniform with different sizes, colors, types, and placements of your baskets.

a woven basket hanging on the wall above a bed

7. Large Painting

Hanging a painting as over-the-bed decor can create a beautiful visual statement just like this example from Homedit. Use the piece to tie in different colors within the room or highlight a particular accent color you love.

You can use landscape painting, abstract paintings or even geometric art for this purpose.

an abstract painting hangs on the wall above a bed

8. Brass Art

Make a statement over your headboard by adding a brass art piece or sculpture. Brass urchins such as these from Elle Decor show how elegant and beautiful adding brass as above headboard decor can look.

Brass urchins are arranged and hang above a bed in a bedroom

9. Opt for Minimalist

Sometimes, a large painting or a gallery wall is just … too much. If you crave a more minimal space above the bed, opt for a simple piece that perhaps incorporates a little greenery.

Just like Love on Sunday demonstrates, this option could even be an easy DIY project.

sprigs of eucalyptus hang on the wall above a bed

10. Plates

Remember the beautiful plate walls from a decade ago? I still thing they are a beautiful way to add beautiful interest to a wall. Why not hang some above the bed? (Just make sure they are securely hung up there!)

This example from Miss Mustard Seed is a perfect example. And can you believe that’s not wallpaper, but fabric? So pretty!

hanging platters and plates above bed

11. Use a Shelf

Installing a shelf as over the bed decor is a terrific use of short narrow space. Plus, like this example from Faburous, it’s a nice way to style a small bedroom so that it adds interest without being overpowering.

Use it to hold frames, plants, mementos, or other pieces for your room – it’s stylish, personal, and frugal. 

a shelf hangs above a bed with trinkets and objects on top

12. Hang Hats

Whether you love cowboy hats, baseball hats, or feathery Juju hats, Hanging a hat (or a few) as above the bed decor gives a fun – and very personal – vibe to the bedroom.

Check out this juju hat wall hanging from Setting For Four. It adds a bit of whimsy and fun to the room!

a juju hat hangs on the wall above a bed

I hope you found an idea or two that you really liked on this list!

However, keep in mind that these are just a few ideas out of the dozens of potential over-the-bed decor possibilities you could use to adorn that space above your head.

If you didn’t find something on this list that jumped out at you, take the list and use it to inspire you to come up with your own ideas. There are no rules other than to make your above-bed decor fit YOU and your personality!

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  1. Hello Ms.Laura:

    I’m struggling on how to decorate above my bed because of my slope ceiling.

    Thank you.

    1. Hmmm, that would be a challenge. Probably wouldn’t do artwork, but maybe just wallpaper it?? Or maybe a collection of 3-d items that can be stuck to the wall? A hat collection or banner??

  2. These were all great ideas, but my bed is set at an angle into one corner of my bedroom. For quite a few years, I had a faux tree in the corner behind the bed, but I grew tired of that. My bed has a wooden headboard with spindles, so it’s an open look. Can you give me any suggestions? I always love your posts & ideas for different things! Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel, It would be hard to decorate a corner. But if there’s a way to hang art from the ceiling or put it on an easel behind the bed, maybe??? Thank you for reading (and sorry it took me so long to respond!) xo, Laura

  3. Great ideas for decorting the space above the bed, Laura. We’re in the process of giving our 100 year counrty cottage a makeover and I visit your site often for good, realistic ideas and suggestions. I really like the juju hat for a fun change but Mr Wonderful took one look and told me, “Hmmm…floor mop comes to mind.” I sent him back to the barn.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of a grouping of landscape photo images in black and white or sepia tone, say no larger than 8×10, lined up horizontally above the top of the bed. Using gallery style black frames with white or ivory matting or one of the deeper tones in the fabric I selected for the bed linens to coordinate yet give a little pop of color. The colors in the fabric I selected are rust, soft gray, ivory and light teal. The queen size bedframe is a large semi-ornate iron and makes a statement by itself. The Shaker style antique furniture in the room is golden oak; maybe, oak frames for the images. I think I’d rather go for a pop of color or black and add a couple of accent pieces in black to coordinate with the frames.

    Decisions…Decisions…Decisions. Thanks for a great blog article and some very good food for thought. Stay well!!

  4. My bedroom has a window on the right side of my bed and wall on the left. Any ideas on what to hang above bed? I am struggling with just having one window. I feel like any ideas I have just wouldn’t look balanced.

    1. Create a faux window on the left side with horizontal window blinds; and hang curtains on each side. Or, for more impact, add window muntins and a ledge.

    2. I’ve had the exact same set up and struggled with it as well. That’s why I had a must-have for this new home to have windows on both sides of the bed. I agree with LavaidaVandelia, that you can create a faux window on one side. I’ve also seen people hang a wall of drapes behind a bed to hide the fact that there is only one window and make it feel more balanced. It’s really hard, I know!

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