How to Get Ahead of Holiday Shopping


I could have also titled this post: How to not miss the good holiday finds! 😜

I know, I know. It’s only mid-October and I’ve barely put out my fall home decor. But I’m sure you’ve heard about the hottest decor items already selling out this holiday season. The past few years we’ve seen supply issues, which has impacted how much inventory is out there.

That just means you will want to be a little bit more savvy and get a head start on your shopping. The best stuff always sells out in October anyway, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing to get that head start we need this season. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have all of the shopping wrapped up early this year and not have to stress when the holidays get here? 

Top Holiday Decor Sell-Outs Every Year

Most holiday items are in stock right now, but will quickly go out of stock in mid-late October (if they haven’t already). So, if you know you want to buy a new artificial tree or some kind of Christmas decor, it’s time to shop NOW. I’m not kidding. Some things are already selling out. 

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National Tree Company Feel Real Pre Lit Grande Frasier Fir Tree
The Christmas Tree in my Living Room and tree collar sell out early every year!

These are my most popular items that I shared last year that will most likely sell out early. 

Early Christmas Sell Outs
gold, blue and White Christmas decor on the mantel
Try this blue and white Christmas decor theme for your home this year!
  • Hanging Iron Bells – I have so many of these sets because they are so cute in a wreath or garland! I’ve used them for years in my mantel garland and it was so pretty! I’ve been able to find these later in the season, but for much higher prices. Get them now while they are $30 or less! (I’ve found them even cheaper on Amazon lately, but they go in and out of stock. Check here and here.)
  • Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland – I use this pine garland on my mantel, layered over some much cheaper garlands and it is gorgeous! I’ve seen it as high as $300 later in the season, so get it at the lowest price now. (I found it even cheaper this year, here!)
pine tree towel
Ornaments hanging from chandelier

Get Inspired Early

If you’re having trouble even imaging Christmas decor right now … because, well, maybe it’s still 80 degrees where you live? I have my Christmas posts from last year that may help inspire you.

And remember, I’m not decorating yet. I’m just ordering what I want/need before it sells out or there are crazy shipping delays. I’ll put everything in a closet until at least November 1. (And I have to decorate early because it’s my job.)

Stores to Watch Closely

One of the best ways to get ahead of sell outs is to know when stores release their inventory. Typically holiday inventory is not restocked, so once it’s gone, that’s it! I find that when I’m unsure about an item, I’ll go ahead and buy it now and return it later if it doesn’t work out. But most of the time I wish I’d bought more!

  • McGee & Co. – I love their eclectic collection of seasonal decor at the holidays. It’s not all my style, but I find myself adding a lot of their ornaments and wall decor to my shopping cart! Most of their holiday line is available now. Shop my favorites HERE.
  • Target – We all know and love Target for its affordable and easily accessible decor. But the best stuff sells out quick.
    • Hearth and Hand with Magnolia has already released some items and the rest will release on October 15!
    • Studio McGee Holiday Line released already and so much of it is still in stock. Some has already sold out, like my favorite gold bell I got last year. But just select “notify me when it’s back” button and you’ll get an alert if it comes back in stock.
  • Brooke & Lou – This is another small business that has great, unique holiday decor. Their holiday line has already released. And once it’s gone, it’s gone! (PS – Some of their stuff is WAY overpriced in my opinion, but some of it is not. There’s NO way I’m paying $330 for a garland. But I’d pay $18 for a pine cone cluster because it would cost me that much in materials and time to make it! And I’d pay $8 for a handmade large ornament.)
  • Pottery Barn – Another favorite store that will sell out a lot of decor early. Last year I saw items in October and never saw them again. So shop now!
  • Ballard Designs – I’ve been buying more and more from this store since it’s traditional vibe fits with my home. I’m excited to shop their holiday store this year.

Shopping for Others

And as always, we’ve already got to be thinking of shopping for other people in our lists. I’ve got more than a dozen gift guides I’ve continued to add to over the years. I’ll be updating them more this week, but feel free to take a look around and get a head start on that shopping list!

The sources are telling us that shipping delays and quanity of products is going to be a real issue this year. So, go ahead and buy those gifts you already know you need!

Shop my Gift Guides!

I hope this helps you feel more prepared this season!! Let me know if you have any tips or ideas that I missed!

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  1. Gift shopping and florals for the new house complete. A few stores do not have anything out of a very limited selection. Trying to find the.last few items.

    Never to early. The month of December can be spent on prayer for the coming of Jesus

  2. I opened your e mail and thought I could put my tree up today and be happy!! Well I really love your tree and basket. SOOO I put the tree in my cart, now to hit send!! Its less than one I had my eye on and yours looks so full. Thanks Laura!

    1. You can TOTALLY put your tree up today. I’m really ready! As soon as Halloween is finished, all bets are off!! 🙂

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