Home Goals 2022, Part 2

Home Goals are a great way for me to keep my home projects on track in my home! I hope it inspires you to set goals and make plans for your home, too!

I can’t believe it’s already time for another home goals post, but I’m so glad I do them every 4 months. It makes me stop and take an inventory of how far I’ve come and where we need to go from here!

I used to set goals once a year, but by the end of the year I’d forgotten them. With any goal in your life, it’s important to revisit them throughout the year. And this is how I make myself do that! 


If you want to see all that we accomplished with the house the last couple of years, then check out this Two Years: Before and After Home Tour. It’s easy to feel like we didn’t accomplish much in the span of 12+ months, but when you put it all together in one post, it’s a lot more than I realize!

And you can see all of the home goals from 2021 and my first home goal post for 2022, right here:

These were a few highlights from the last four months:

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I set off the first of this year with plans for the dining room! It’s been fun doing some new DIY projects and learning a few new skills as I tackled this makeover project.

My goals for January – April were to come up with plans for the dining room, butler’s pantry and laundry room. I didn’t have to do anything but come up with plans, and I did!

1. Complete the Dining Room Makeover

We’re not quite finished because I’m waiting for the rug, lamps and lamp shades to arrive. But once they do, we’ll be ready for the reveal! I hope to get it finished by the end of May/early June!

You can find the original dining room design plan post. And you’ve seen several sneak peeks of the process in my posts this past few months.

SOURCES: Gingham Curtains | Scalamandre Raphael Green Wallpaper | Wicker Lamps | Pleated Lamp Shades | Ornate Brass Mirror | 8-Light Brass Chandelier | Pear Plate | Block Print Fabric | Jute Rug | End Chair | Trim Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Card Room Green

You can see all of the progress we’ve made so far in my Dining Room Makeover progress post. Like the fact that I chose different wallpaper from the original design plan. And I painted the bottom part of the room Oyster Bay instead of Carolina Gull. (I have to be honest, I may go back and paint over it with Caroline Gull, but we’ll see.)

How to Install Wallpaper (paste-on-the-wall)

Still Left to Do to Complete the Dining Room Makeover:

  • Paint Trim
  • Hang Wallpaper
  • Hang Large Brass Mirror
  • Sconces
  • New Light Fixture
  • Add Trim Tape to the Drapes
  • Hang the Curtain Rods and Drapes
  • Paint the outlet covers
  • Replace the Seat Covers
  • New Rug – just waiting on it to arrive
  • New Lamps & Lampshades – waiting on them to arrive

I had to wait until March to have the budget to order the lamps, lampshades and rug, but they should all be here soon and then I’ll be able to share the big reveal. I can’t wait!!

2. Start & Finish the Butler’s Pantry Makeover

My plan was to start on this butler’s pantry makeover already, but we haven’t had it on the budget. I’ve toyed with the idea of just replacing the countertop with something cheap, but I really think I want real marble.

The budget is what is holding this makeover up. But once I get the countertops situated, the rest will be easy!

A Butler's Pantry from the 90's

But it’s such a tiny little pass-through next to the dining room, that we should be able to knock it out by the end of August.

To-Dos for Butler Pantry Makeover:

  • Replace the countertop – hopefully with marble
  • Paint the cabinets a pretty blue color (Benjamin Moore’s Little Falls)
  • Hang the wallpaper (I already have it.)
  • Replace a broken glass pane in a cabinet door
Traditional Dining Room Concept Board | Sydney Collins Interiors
You can see some of the ideas for the laundry room and butler’s pantry in this dining room concept board! I wanted them to flow well into the adjacent dining room and kitchen.

3. Start and Finish the Laundry Room Makeover

I’ve actually been working on plans for this room. But I’ve been stuck on flooring options. I LOVE the idea of doing the ever-so-popular marble checkerboard tiles in here. So I kept looking for the right product to go over the existing tile. I’ve looked at vinyl stickers, paint or floor tiles. And I think I’ve finally found the perfect thing! I’ll share in a makeover plan soon.

Laundry room with lots of storage, hunter green tiles on the floor and hunter green countertops.
The laundry room right after we moved in – still looks the same today!

To-Dos for Butler Pantry Makeover:

  • Add a checkerboard faux tile flooring
  • Paint the countertops with countertop paint
  • Add beadboard paneling
  • Paint the walls and beadboard
  • Add a window treatment
  • Change out the light

I would love to do a full gut job, replace the tile, countertops and sink. But for phase 1, I’m going to put some lipstick on it and I think it will be beautiful!

I can’t wait to share the whole thing very soon!

Once these rooms are done, I’ll be ready to tackle some of our bedrooms. So, I’m excited to see how many makeovers I can get done this year!

I’m not a fast maker-overer. It’s been two years since we moved into our home and I’ve been slowly but surely working on each space, one-at-a-time. It’s definitely slower than I see others on social media. But I am a one-woman show, on a budget with time constraints.

But I like going slowly. It gives me time to live with spaces for a while before I change them and that’s been invaluable for me. I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing in the dining room – at all – if I had jumped into a makeover right when we moved in. So, I’m grateful for my time and financial limitations that make me slow down!

What are some of your home goals this year?? What do you plan to accomplish? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. You have already accomplished so much, and I look forward to seeing your finished dining room and other spaces in the future! You are so right about taking your time! We’ve been in our new home 2 years now, and I’m still figuring things out because I’ve learned you need to live in a space to know how it needs to function. Ours is a new custom build, which I am very grateful for after living in a manufactured home for over 20 years, so most decisions were made during the building process like paint colors, flooring, etc. but we are still working on windows treatments, decor and furniture. I definitely made some mistakes like jumping the gun and ordering items too quickly that I later wish I hadn’t or waiting too long to try out some drapes until it was too late to return them😬. Fortunately some of my mistakes ended up working out in other areas of my house instead, so not a total loss. Taking your time definitely pays off, and I should have been more patient. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

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