Home Goals 2022, part 1

Setting home goals is an exercise I practice every 3-4 months to keep my home projects moving and on track!

I’ve been meaning to get this goal post done for a month now, but between virtual school, kids being sick and just life known as January, it’s taken me a month! This is why I changed my plan to revisit my goals to once every 4 months. 🤪 This way if I’m a month behind, I’ve still got 3 months to get it done!

I used to set goals once a year, but by the end of the year I’d forgotten them. With any goal in your life, it’s important to revisit them throughout the year. And this is how I make myself do that! 


If you want to see all that we accomplished with the house last year, then check out this Two Years: Before and After Home Tour. It’s easy to feel like we didn’t accomplish much in the span of 12 months, but when you put it all together in one post, it’s a lot more than I realize!

And you can see all of the original home goal posts here:

These were a few highlights from the year:

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I’d learned from the previous year that having big goals during the holidays doesn’t work well for me. I’m too busy with holiday stuff to work on my house. So, I set the bar really low!

My goals for the end of 2021 were to come up with plans for the dining room, butler’s pantry and laundry room. I didn’t have to do anything but come up with plans, and I did!

1. Complete the Dining Room Makeover

I shared the bulk of the plans for the dining room in my dining room design plan post. Plus some peeks at the other two spaces as well.

SOURCES: Gingham Curtains | Scalamandre Raphael Green Wallpaper | Wicker Lamps | Pleated Lamp Shades | Ornate Brass Mirror | 8-Light Brass Chandelier | Pear Plate | Block Print Fabric | Jute Rug | End Chair | Trim Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Card Room Green

I’ve since changed a couple of things from the original plan, like the wallpaper and paint color. But they are still in the same green family, and everything else is pretty much the same!

The original trim color was going to be Carolina Gull (BM), but I thought it would be too dark. So, I took it a step down and chose Oyster Bay (SW). Oyster Bay (SW) is very similar to Misted Green (BM), which is the step down from Carolina Gull. Anyway, it all is going to look so good!

Then the wallpaper is a toile wallpaper I chose. It still pulls the same greens as the original wallpaper I picked, but less dark and modern.

Countryside Morning Wallpaper
I love the little deer in the pattern. It all feels like a nod to our private, wooded backyard and the deer friends who visit.

I’m currently in the middle of the makeover and owe you a little update.

This is how the room looked last fall:

Dining Room with antique wood furniture

And this is how the dining room room looks today!

Dining Room with painted green trim
The wainscoting and crown moulding are painted Oyster Bay by Benjamin Moore.

The brass mirror is installed and I’ve finished painting all of the trim. Now it’s time for wallpaper! I’m trying to decide if I need to cover the gray paint first so that it won’t show if there’s a gap between the wallpaper seams.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I can paint stripes wherever the seams will be and call it a day!

Still Left to Do to Complete the Dining Room Makeover:

  • Paint Trim
  • Hang Wallpaper (I have it.)
  • Hang Large Brass Mirror
  • Sconces (got antique brass candelabras for the wall next to the china cabinet)
  • New Light Fixture (ordered, but on backorder)
  • Add Trim Tape to the Drapes (ordered)
  • Hang the Curtain Rods and Drapes (I have them.)
  • Paint the outlet covers
  • Replace the Seat Covers (Fabric is on order)
  • Order New Rug
  • Order new lamps/lamp shades

I’m waiting on my budget to catch up to order the rug and the lamps I really want. 😜

But hopefully I’ll get it all done before April!

2. Start on the Butler’s Pantry Makeover

It’s such a tiny little pass-through next to the dining room, that it seems silly to even make a big deal out of a “makeover” in there. But I’m doing several steps, so I’m hoping to get it finished close to April.

A Butler's Pantry from the 90's

I need to:

  • Replace the countertop – hopefully with marble
  • Paint the cabinets a pretty blue color (Benjamin Moore’s Little Falls)
  • Hang the wallpaper (I already have it.)
  • Replace a broken glass pane in a cabinet door

It’s such a tiny countertop, but I’ve never replaced one before, so I don’t even know where to start or who to call. I guess I’ll need to ask around locally to find someone who will do that.

And the glass should be easy to get replaced. I just need to call the glass company.

Traditional Dining Room Concept Board | Sydney Collins Interiors
You can see some of the ideas for the laundry room and butler’s pantry in this dining room concept board! I wanted them to flow well into the adjacent dining room and kitchen.

3. Prep for the Laundry Room Makeover

I don’t think I’ll get to this makeover just yet, but I can start buying decor for the makeover, ordering supplies for DIY projects and plotting my first move.

Laundry room with lots of storage, hunter green tiles on the floor and hunter green countertops.
The laundry room right after we moved in – still looks the same today!

I plan to hang beadboard on the walls and either paint it or the wall above it Comfort Gray. And the other part (of either the wall or the beadboard) will probably be Shoji White.

I would love to do a full gut job and renovation in there, but for phase 1, I’m going to put some lipstick on it.

I have some DIY ideas for the floor and countertops. And I know which light I want to place in there. But other than that, I’ve not nailed down much! I hope to make a more concrete plan before the end of April.

Wish me luck!

Once these rooms are done, I’ll be ready to tackle some of our bedrooms. So, I’m excited to see how many makeovers I can get done this year!

I’m not a fast maker-overer. It’s been two years since we moved into our home and I’ve been slowly but surely working on each space, one-at-a-time. It’s definitely slower than I see others on social media. But I am a one-woman show, on a budget with time constraints.

But I like going slowly. It gives me time to live with spaces for a while before I change them and that’s been invaluable for me. I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing in the dining room – at all – if I had jumped into a makeover right when we moved in. So, I’m grateful for my time and financial limitations that make me slow down!

What are some of your home goals this year?? What do you plan to accomplish? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. I plan on staining our railings darker like walnut then replacing the carpet on stairs. Then update the master bathroom this summer. Planned on this last summer but pandemic didn’t allow that to happen it was going to take way too long to complete with everything on back order.
    I love seeing all your goals it motivates me to do more.

  2. Beautiful choices. I love anything green and anything toile … I could move right in!! Have you heard of or used bead board wallpaper? You might like it for your laundry room. I’ve had it in our powder room and upstairs bath for years and it still looks great and no one realizes it’s not the real thing. Home Depot has a good brand (Graham & Brown) at a fair price. Some of the other brands are just lined to look like bead board. The G&B brand has the actual grooves. Love your home and your blog!!

  3. Enjoy watching your progress, it definitely motivates me to get things done around my home.
    However, I am NOT a fan of wallpaper but I do love your colour choices!
    Enjoy your changes … we all need some change every now and again.

    1. Thank you!! I find that people either love or hate wallpaper… 🙂 Thankfully it can be removed if I ever get tired of it (which I’m sure I will)! Have a great day!

  4. We’ve been in our house for three and a half years now. We have the skills to do so much, but lack the time (and desire, really) and big funds to get things started. I think making design boards/idea boards will be a good start!

    1. Yes! I highly recommend taking one room at a time and making a design board. It helps me stay focused. Sometimes I will go from room to room, but I really try to do one room at a time so that I don’t feel like I’m trying to do a million things at once. Make a list of top priority spaces to lowest priority spaces and start from the top. We have to budget our room makeovers as well, so it just takes time! I hope this helps! You’ve got this!! xo, Laura

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