Top Posts of 2021

It’s always so fun to take a step back and see which posts YOU loved the most over the past 12 months. Find out your favorite Turquoise Home posts of 2021!

I love taking a look back and seeing which of my new posts this year resonated with you! It’s always telling to see which posts made the most popular list because it tells me how to give you more of that in the new year.

Most Popular Posts of 2021

These past few years I’ve really tried to do two things:

  • Give basic decorating advice, in a Decorating 101 kind of way.
  • More popular paint color posts!

Since this was our second year in our new house I was able to dig a little deeper, start and finish some makeovers and really discover how to use our home. I did a lot more Decorating 101 posts in 2020, but I’m not finished! I’ll share more in the new year.

As always, I believe that starting the decorating process starts with choosing your whole home color palette. And so I demonstrated how I did that with the paint colors I chose for my home. It’s no surprise that these are the posts that resonated with you the most!

I’m planning to continue to share more decorating 101 posts, a big dining room/laundry room/butler’s pantry makeover and even more paint colors in 2022, with a little bit of organization and DIY sprinkled in as well.

So, according to the popular vote, these posts were the most viewed posts published in 2021.

Post #10: Blue & Green Traditional Powder Room Reveal

Calke Green FB No. 34 LRV ~17

This powder room makeover was my favorite project all year! A small powder room is the perfect place to add a lot of personality and I love our blue and green hydrangea bathroom. It resonated with so many people as well. You’ll see these rich green paint colors a lot in design these days and I’ll be adding more to my home in 2022!

Post #9: My Honest Ruggable Rug Review

Ruggable Rug Review

I love my Ruggable rug, so much so that I added a Christmas rug in my kitchen for the holidays. It’s the perfect solution for putting a rug in the kitchen and not worrying about spills!

Post #8: The Best Blue Green Paint Colors for Your Home

The Best Blue Green Paint Colors

I’m a huge fan of all things blue and green, so it’s no wonder that I’ve been painting my home with these gorgeous blue/green paint colors for years. And their popularity hasn’t waned in recent years, only grown in popularity! Some of my favorites include Sea Salt and Wythe Blue!

Post #7: A Traditional Spring Tablescape (& the End of an Era)

Gray Dining Room with Spring Table Decor

In 2021, we said goodbye to my farmhouse style DIY table and console buffet table. It was a bittersweet moment, but this furniture didn’t fit in my home and the style was all wrong for this house. I was thrilled when it was replaced by antique furniture from my great-grandparents’ home. More to come when I redo my dining room this next year!

Post #6: What is Grandmillennial Style? {Decorating 101}

What is Grandmillennial Style?

This year I explored What is grandmillennial style?” In short, this design style is a new take on traditional, classic style. Picture lots of floral wallpaper, dark wood, skirted furniture, lots of mixed patterns with tassels and trim! I shared how to get it in this post!

Post #5: The Best Home Decor Paint Colors: Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Mindful Gray (SW 7016) is a beautiful, light to medium-toned warm gray shade that’s neutral enough to complement a variety of home decor styles and palettes. This wildly popular color is beloved by interior designers and homeowners alike, and for good reason: it’s an incredibly versatile neutral without any sneaky undertones.

Post #4: 15 Flush Mount Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Flush Mount Lighting Ideas

I replaced the dreaded “boob light” in my butler’s pantry this year with a simple, inexpensive flush mount light fixture. It was a hug hit as others look to rid themselves of the strange looking and anatomically odd light fixtures. I’ll be replacing more in the new year!

Post #3: 15 Small Entryway Storage Ideas

Small Entryway Table in the Foyer

Our entry way is large, but the wall space is really limited for any kind of storage solutions. So, I rounded up a bunch of small space storage ideas for the foyer and shared them all in this post!

Post #2: Decorating 101: How to Make a Bed (Like a Pro)

How to Make a Bed (Like a Pro!)

It’s funny how some of the most simple ideas make the best posts. And this one is no different! I finally learned how to make my bed to look like a pro made it, and it’s just a few simple steps. I now love to make my bed (not every day, but more than I used to)!

And Drumroll, please …….

Post #1: The Best Green Paint Colors For Your Home

Green Paint Colors

Like I mentioned before, green paint colors are ALL the rage! You will see more and more of these beautiful green hues in the coming months and years. And I’ll be doing my fair share of adding them to my home as well. Stay tuned, it’s going to be beautiful!

I learned, as well, that you LOVE a good makeover project. And I’m so excited that 2022 will bring so many more makeover projects in the new house. I’ll share more very soon!

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