My Favorite Sources for Affordable Area Rugs

A good area rug makes or breaks a room. Size, quality and style all play a big part! But some of them can be pricy!! Find out these favorite sources for affordable area rugs via

The day I revealed my living room makeover (more than 2 years ago) was a big day here at The Turquoise Home. It is the 4th all-time highest viewed post on my blog and has been pinned more than 26 thousand times. Therefore it's also generated the most questions of almost any post on my blog. I am frequently asked about my curtains, wall color, media cabinet, couch and club chair. But the most asked about item in my living room is by far my rug.   I've honestly only purchased … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 98


Welcome to another week of Work it Wednesday! Summer has officially begun and I think we may go to the pool for the first time today. Wish me luck with a 4 year old and baby by myself. We'll see how this goes. We've been wrapping up the school year, attending graduations and prepping for the lake house trip coming soon! How are you getting ready for the summer? Let's get on to the party! … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Entry Way Lanterns

Which lantern is your favorite? 5 Favorite Entry Way Lanterns via

One of the easiest ways to customize your home is by changing out the builder-grade, outdated light fixtures for new, upgraded lights. I've upgraded 2, count 'em, two lights since we moved in more than 3 years ago. It's time to change up some more lighting in this house, don't cha think?? Clockwise from top: Piedmont Lantern | Springfield Lantern | Delaney Pendant | Eldridge Pendant | Ashley Lantern A little over a week ago, I posted this photo to my Facebook page and asked for opinions on … [Read more...]

Citrus Water Bar in a Jar

Super refreshing citrus-infused water is not only yummy, but good for you too! Share them with a friend in this cute "citrus water bar in a jar" gift idea with free printables! All the details and freebies via

I am almost giddy with excitement to share this little gift idea with you today! I told you that I am obsessed with all things citrus right now. That includes everything from decorating with citrus to drinking citrus essential oils in my water on the daily. So, when I planned on giving my daughter's preschool teachers a cup with a vinyl lemon on it, I thought it would be fun to include some citrus oils so that they could enjoy citrus-infused water all summer long! Did you know that … [Read more...]

Have a Refreshing Summer Gift Idea

Have a Refreshing Summer (monogramed cup gift idea) - perfect for teachers or anyone else who needs a great cup this summer! :) | All the details at

I'm obsessed with all things citrus: lemon, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, orange. Whatever. I'm not picky. If it's citrus, I'll take it. I heart it so much that you may see it pop up in my summer decor. {Coming soon!} So, when I started thinking about a gift for my daughter's preschool teachers, I thought it would be cute to give a stainless steel cup with their monogram and a cute lemon vinyl decal. Why a stainless steel cup? Well, I've been trying to move way from plastic and … [Read more...]

16 Summer Cocktails, Mocktails and More!

With the school year quickly coming to a close, and the heat ramping up, you'll need a cool drink faster than you can say blackberry mojito 10 times in a row. These yummy summer drinks will be your best friend poolside this summer. Get the run down via

When the weather gets hot in the summer, I love nothing more than to lounge by the pool and sip on a yummy, cold beverage. I've mentioned before that I'm a drinker, but honestly I don't like alcohol, so I'm more of a mocktail kind of girl. Although I love a fruity mojito every once in a while.   With the weather getting hotter, the pool opening up next weekend and the end of the school year quickly approaching, I thought I'd round up a few scrumptious, refreshing beverages that … [Read more...]

Do-it-yourself Soft Scrub

Before I found this all-natural DIY soft scrub, my husband thought my kitchen sink was an off-white color. But since discovering this amazing cleaning product (made with only 3 ingredients), I've cleaned my sink every day. It's whiter than when I used bleach on it! Get the recipe via

I don't think I've ever been so excited about a cleaning product. I mean, come on! Who likes to clean? Since I discovered this do-it-yourself, all-natural soft scrub, I've been scrubbing my white kitchen sink daily. So much so that my husband has started teasing me that the sink looks so much nicer than the rest of the house on a regular basis. He may be right. Ha! Having a clean kitchen and sparkling sink go a long way to making me feel like my house isn't falling apart, so I think it's … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 96

Work It Wednesday Link Party

Welcome back to Work it Wednesday, my friends! I'm so glad you've joined us! Last week y'all had some amazing recipes to share. It was hard to narrow down those features! I want to try them all!! Is it getting hot where you are? It's in the 80's this week and sunny, so it's starting to feel like summer. And that's why I shared my yummy lavender lemonade with you on Monday. It's so refreshing with a little twist. I think you'll like it! Now, let's get on to the party! … [Read more...]

Lavender Lemonade

Perfect for quenching your thirst in summer! Try making this lavender lemonade with fresh-sqeezed lemon and lavender essential oil! |

The beginning of summer makes me thirsty. Well, more like the hot weather in the South drives me to drinking... at least to always have a cold beverage within arm's length. I've admitted it before that I'm a drinker. I LOVE drinks. Not necessarily the spiked kind, but definitely most everything else. And so when summer rolls around I've got to have a cold glass of lemonade. (Or sweet tea, or iced coffee, or a strawberry and banana smoothie... whatever floats my boat at the … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 95

DIY DVD Case Coloring Kit

Good morning and welcome to another week of Work it Wednesday! Can you believe that it's going to be May in just a couple of days? I feel lil eat this pace, Christmas is right around the corner! I know, don't rush things, but seriously? Where does the time go? If you're thinking about Mother's Day coming up, or if that's the first you've heard about it, you still have time to whip up a cute gift! I gathered some of my favorite DIY gifts that would be perfect for mom. Get started now so that … [Read more...]

DIY Plush Deer Head

DIY Plush Deer Head |

When I first started envisioning my sweet Baby G's woodland nursery, I fell in love with the idea of having a plush faux deer head in her room. I saw several online that I thought looked cute, but either they were sold out or too expensive.   I spent several weeks searching for just the right deer head. I even thought about buying a plush deer, cutting the head off (morbid, I know) and mounting it myself. After a while I just kind of gave up on the idea, until one day I found an … [Read more...]