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In the Morning, when I Rise, Give me Jesus & Coffee |

Hey y'all! I have some wonderfully exciting news for you that I've been waiting to share! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that I took a hand lettering class a couple of months ago. I love handwriting and always have. When I was a young girl, I would tuck myself away in the bottom of the linen closet and write for hours. So when a sweet girl in town recently started offering her hand lettering classes,  I jumped at the first class that fit in my schedule. It … [Read more...]

6 Homemade Household Products + Work it Wednesday No. 108

5 Kid-Friendly Desserts | Roundup via

Hey friends! Welcome back to another Work it Wednesday! Can you believe that July is all but over? I don't know about where you live, but school starts back here on Monday!!! Miss A isn't in kindergarten yet, but she will be going to pre-K this year and is so excited. I'm a little sad that this will be her last year before she goes to real school, so I'm going to soak it all up. We're going shopping for school supplies this week. #orjustanotherreasontogotoTarget … [Read more...]

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from a Blogging Conference

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from a Blogging Conference |

Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for the Haven Conference - and well, it was nothing short of stellar. I don't write much about the business side of blogging, but it's an amazing business with some of the sweetest people on the face of the planet. If I gained nothing else from this blog, the relationships alone would make it all worth it (including my relationships with you, dear friends).   This was my 3rd Haven Conference. (You can read about years 1, 1.2 and 2.) … [Read more...]

5 Crafty Creations + Work it Wednesday No. 107


Hi friends! I'm coming back down from another Haven high. It's so much fun, and yet overwhelming, to glean from so many amazing bloggers in one weekend. I didn't get many projects done this past week due to being out of town, but I did post some from the conference on Instagram. Check out the #havenconf hashtag to get all of the goods from all of the bloggers. You'll probably find your new favorite blogger (besides me, of course) in there! Now, let's get on to the party! … [Read more...]

Cute, Simple, Easy Chevron Arrows

How about a cute set of arrows on the wall that hardly require any DIY at all? Quick, Easy - and Cute - Simple Chevron Arrows | Full tutorial at

You're going to love this little project because as much as I like DIY, I also love quick, and quick this is. You don't even need a single power tool. That's how quick and easy it is! I wanted something cute to go above the baby's nursery book shelves, but I didn't want another picture frame. I've got enough of those already, including the 3 frames on the bookshelves. So, I popped into Michael's one day and found these pre-made arrows in the unfinished wood section. I think they were … [Read more...]

DIY Bookshelf Ledges for the Nursery

These simple DIY $10 ledges are easy to make; I love the price; and they make such a huge impact. Perfect for storing books on an empty wall in a kids room or play room. | Tutorial via

I've had these simple DIY ledges on my to-do list forever. Now that I finally finished then in Baby G's room, I immediately thought, "why in the world did it take me this long!?!?" They were so simple; I love the price; and they make such a huge impact. Perfect for storing books on an empty wall in a kids room or play room. I also love the fact that the kids can see the books easily, which means they want to read more! My older daughter is already handing me books more often because she … [Read more...]

Spicy White Pimento Cheese

This delicious variation of pimento cheese will give a sharp twang and a spicy punch to your tastebuds. It'll keep you coming back for more and more of its cheesy, creamy, booty-kickin' goodness! Spicy White Pimento Cheese | Recipe via

As long as I can remember I have turned my nose up at pimento cheese. Blech, double blech. You see, the only memories I have of ever eating it are at my grandmother's house when I was a little girl. She had some store-bought pimento cheese and I thought it tasted terrible, so I haven't touched it since. And I'm a huge texture person, so the texture of it just made it worse. Plus, I'm not a fan of mayonnaise, so double yuck. Fast forward 30 (ish) years and I was recently attending a … [Read more...]

Minion Party Ideas // DIY Projects for the Home + Work it Wednesday No. 105

DIY Projects for the Home | Roundup via

Welcome to a creative weekly party where the best of the blogosphere shows off their hard work and talent. I dare you to look through the links below and not be inspired! Thanks so much everyone for coming back week after week to share your amazingness! I'm always so impressed! :) I took the past week "off" from blogging. There's always so much that still goes on behind the scenes of a blog even when I'm not posting. But I assure you that I'm working as quickly as I can to finish up a couple … [Read more...]

5 Pretty Summer Porches // 5 Scrumptious Recipes for the Grill & Work It Wednesday No. 104

5 Scrumptious Recipes for the Grill

How in the tarnation is it July already? Do you know that we just passed the halfway point to Christmas? Are you kidding me!?!? Well, it's true. And our "summer" is halfway over since kids go back the first of August. Wow! Times surely does fly when you get "old" - or have more than 1 kid. :) We're looking forward to a fun weekend celebrating our country's birthday with family. I just hope and pray that it doesn't rain all weekend like they say it will. At least a little sunshine and time on … [Read more...]

Style Trend: 16 Rustic Industrial Decor Ideas and DIY Projects

I absolutely love the rustic industrial style trend. Come check out 16 unique decor ideas and DIY projects | Roundup via

It all started with the sliding barn door. Remember a few years ago when those things became popular? I even made one, remember? And I still think they are cool. Then came rustic, industrial open shelving. And casters on the bottom of coffee tables. Pallets. (Who can forget pallets?!?) And industrial pipe ... everything. Pretty much the use of everyday items in beautiful home decor became on trend and wildly popular.   The rustic industrial trend is probably on its way out … [Read more...]

The Number One Tip to Make Your To-Do List More Effective

I have lists for everything, but they don't do me any good if I don't use them! Find out my number 1 tip for making my to-do list more effective! |

I'm a proficient list maker. And over the years I have made hundreds, if not thousands of lists. I've made them on my phone, on my wall (with tape, of course, I don't write directly on my wall), on the bathroom mirror, random scraps of paper, cheap notebooks and expensive planners just to name a few. If you can write on it, then I've made a list on it. And I have all different kinds of lists: grocery lists, home projects, maybe someday projects, goals, daily to-dos, things to buy the next … [Read more...]