Organizing the Kitchen (plus a $100 Ace Hardware Giveaway!!)

Kitchen Organization Supplies |

I'm in full-out cleaning and de-junking mode these days. I've deep cleaned the fridge, cleaned out the pantry, the linen closet and spice cabinet and I've got my eye on the rest of the cabinets and drawers in the house. Nothing is off limits and I'm throwing tons of stuff away! I guess our impending arrival is getting me in gear to organize the whole house, which is a good thing. As a part of my kitchen organization, I got some of these cabinet door and under cabinet organizers from Ace … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 69


Happy Hump Day my friends! Guess what I'm doing today? Taking my second glucose screening test. Oh the joy! I'll be glad when I pass it this time and don't have do any more lab work (fingers crossed) the rest of this pregnancy. Only 9 weeks left (and counting)! Fall Into Cash Giveaway I have a super fun giveaway going on right now, just started this morning. And I know we could ALL use some extra cash this time of year. Pop on over and enter. Don't worry, I'll be right here waiting for you … [Read more...]

Fall Into Cash Giveaway (2 winners // $300 each!!)


Happy Wednesday!! I'll be posting Work it Wednesday in just a few short hours, but until then you can be the first to enter the Fall Cash Giveaway! I don't know about you, but I could use some extra cash right now as we're getting ready to move into the holiday season. With a baby coming and Miss A's birthday both in December in addition to Christmas, I might as well need to be a money tree. :) So, I hope you'll enter and good luck!!   a Rafflecopter giveaway a … [Read more...]

Hanging the Ironing Board Hanger (finally!!)

How to Hang the Ironing Board Hanger

Do you all remember my ironing board hanger I made last year? It's OK if you don't. That was a long time ago. And unfortunately¬†I wasn't able to use it until recently. In the meantime it lived in various states of playtime with Miss A or cluttered up a corner or two just waiting to be hung up properly. It wasn't that I hadn't tried to hang it up. I had, but I couldn't find the exact right hanging system for a board that held an ironing board. You see, I used command strips to hang … [Read more...]

Baby Girl’s Woodland Nursery Inspiration

Baby Girl's Woodland Nursery Inspiration Board

This sweet and whimsical baby girl woodland nursery inspiration board is both adorable and fun! Love the pops of blue, pinks and yellows with natural, outdoorsy elements! Happy Monday, friends!! I don't know about you, but we had fall break last week, which meant Coach and Miss A were home all week long. And while I love spending time with my family, I've mentioned before how I thrive on routine and a schedule. So, this morning was a welcome relief when everyone got back on the regular … [Read more...]

How to Install Custom Closet Shelves

How to Install Custom Closet Shelves |

I have been dreaming of this project since before we bought our house. See, in all of our closets, except for our master closet, we have a single wire shelf and hanger in each one. Since our guest bedroom and office closet doesn't have any hanging clothes in it, there's a ton of wasted vertical space. I am all about using up some vertical space with storage. Well, the upcoming arrival lit a fire under my 27-week preggo behind and I got to work creating a closet full of storage. I have been … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy DIY Harvest Sign

Quick and Easy DIY Harvest Sign

My DIY Harvest sign that takes center stage on my Fall Mantel took my less than two hours to complete from start to finish. It was so stinkin' easy thanks to a few strokes of luck and handy tools I already had around the house. When I was making my mantel, which I shared all about the process HERE, I wanted something in the middle that grounded the whole vignette. Luckily I keep almost all of my scrap wood from my projects, so I went out to the garage and found a wooden board that I thought … [Read more...]

Best of Turquoise {September 2014}

Best of Turquoise {September 2014} |

Yesterday we had a¬†perfect fall day. Full of time with family, great food and football. The weather even cooperated with the highs around 70, little to no humidity and bright blue, clear skies. We had our first "camp" fire outside and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. I didn't get a single picture because I was enjoying the moment and resisted the urge to instagram all the things. Sometimes it's just better to enjoy the moment and take it all into your memory, I think. September … [Read more...]

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie |

A few Sunday nights ago we were all recovering from a long weekend. Some of us had been out of town and we were all just tired. I had no intentions of making anyone dinner and honestly all I wanted was a fruit smoothie. Being the rational pregnant woman that I am (ha!) I had my heart set on a Smoothie King Carribean Way smoothie. I was so set on this for dinner that I was willing to drive the 20 minutes one-way to pick one up. I became infatuated with these smoothies in college. I was … [Read more...]

How to Decorate a Mantel

How to Decorate a Mantel |

It feels a little intimidating to title this post "How to Decorate a Mantel," because I'm not a interior designer or professional decorator. I just decorate my home, and occasionally have a little fun in other people's spaces. But anything I do or have learned along the way is totally self-taught and fly by the seat of my pants. Really, all I'm saying is that I don't know all of the whys and hows behind what I do, and I can't be hired to replicate this, but if I can do it, so can you! This … [Read more...]