100 Inspirational Fall Projects


I'm so excited to share these 100 Inspirational Fall Projects with y'all today! Twenty-four of my absolutely favorite bloggers and I have teamed up with our most-loved Fall projects to share with you. I hope you'll enjoy them on this Labor Day. Coach and I are celebrating Labor Day today by laboring, which is appropriate. :) We're adding shelves to the guest bedroom/office closet so that I can fit my decor stash in there. Well, at least that's the hope. I'm not sure it'll all fit in there, … [Read more...]

11 Amazing Uses of Peace & Calming Essential Oil (& a giveaway!)

11 Amazing Uses for Peace and Calming Essential Oil

I'm so excited to share about one of my favorite essential oils with you today! When I first opened my starter kit and started smelling each one, I wasn't in love with this one. Little did I know I would come to love the scent and use it every single day! Which oil am I talking about? The wonderful Peace & Calming, of course. This popular oil blend contains tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy. The earthy smell is fabulous and it helps me get a good night's sleep every … [Read more...]

Back to School Laptop Giveaway


I don't think I've talked about this much, or at all really, but I'm a Mac girl. I've been using a Apple products for almost 10 years now and I cannot imagine using anything else. I know there are very passionate opinions on both sides of the computer brands, but I treat my Mac as if she were my baby. And as a blogger, I use my computer ALL. THE. TIME. Literally. I love that it syncs with my phone and that  I can FaceTime on it. So, whether you're a die-hard Apple fan or just would like to … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 62

7 Drawer Chevron Dresser made from Pallets

Hey y'all! Without me planning it, this week is turning out to be giveaway week! :) I shared my HomeGoods principal's office makeover on Monday, and my pressure washer clean-up yesterday. I'm giving away $100 gift cards with each post, so be sure to go and enter! $100 HomeGoods Gift Card Giveaway // $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card Giveaway I've got another amazing giveaway coming up on Friday, so you'll want to come back for that. And then maybe I'll do a new post about my favorite essential … [Read more...]

Cleaning up Outside + $100 Ace Hardware Giveaway!

Front Sidewalk Before and After

It's giveaway week here at The Turquoise Home, at least it seems like it is. :) I've got another fun one for you today, so be sure to stay tuned until the very end! If you read "cleaning up outside" you might have thought I meant eliminating pollution or recycling, but I didn't mean either of those. Today we're talking about pressure washing and cleaning off the dirt and grime from around the outside of our home! Dirty Front Sidewalk I don't know about your house, I assume it's the same … [Read more...]

The Principal’s Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover + $100 HomeGoods Giveaway!

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover | TheTurquoiseHome.com

Happy Monday, my friends! {I've got a fun gift card giveaway for you at the end, so stay tuned!} A couple of weeks ago HomeGoods contacted me about their Happiness Happens Day and bringing a smile to another person's face. They also offered me a $250 gift card to make someone else's space a little HomeGoods Happy! :) I immediately thought of Coach's school. He's a teacher and a coach in a county high school nearby and I thought surely I could spruce up a corner of their world. I didn't … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 61

Anthropologie Knockoff Giraffe Trinket Dish

Hey y'all! It's so good to see you again here for Work it Wednesday. LOVE, love, love all of your creativity and amazing projects. I can't wait to see what you link up this week! I just want to make sure that you take note of a huge limited-time offer that I'm sharing for an essential oils premium starter kit! When I just into EO's back in February, I started with the premium starter kit. It has 11 great oils and a diffuser, among other things. Well, guess what?!? I'm throwing in some … [Read more...]

Get Started with Essential Oils {Amazing August Promotion!}

Amazing Premium Starter Kit Offer | TheTurquoiseHome.com

You've probably heard about essential oils. If you've been hanging around here very long, then you have! And if you're like me, then you've been pretty skeptical. Is it really possible to deal with a myriad of physical and emotional wellness issues with little bottles of oils? I have found that the answer is a resounding "yes!!" I won't write my personal essential oils story again, because I already wrote it here. I was the biggest skeptic. Like for almost a decade skeptic. But since … [Read more...]

How to Start a Room Makeover

How to Start a Room Makeover | TheTurquoiseHome.com

I've been in the middle of a never-ending laundry room makeover. And I'm staring down the face of a new nursery and office makeovers as well, so I have a little bit of room makeover on the brain. Once upon a time I would start by picking out a paint color for the room and then struggle from there. But I've learned a few things along the way and have realized there's a better way to operate when approaching a room makeover. Whether you want to just change up the look of a room, or you have … [Read more...]

Work it Wednesday No. 60

Tips on Painting Concrete Floors

Thanks for stopping by to link up to Work it Wednesday! Whether you come here every week or it's your first time here, I am SO glad you're here. :) I absolutely LOVE seeing all of your amazing projects each week. And this week was no different. Seriously, some amazing projects and we've featured some of our favorites. My Silhouette has taken a break this summer, but I pulled it out this week for some back-to-school teacher love. And we're having a big promo this month, too! Find out all … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Teacher’s Treat Jar (& Silhouette Promotion!)

Back-to-School Teacher Treat Jars

Hi friends! Are you gearing up for back-to-school (or are you already back, like all the kids in my town)? Well, either way, I've got a fun teacher's gift for you today! I don't know about you, but sometimes chocolate is my saving grace after a full day of entertaining and playing pretend with my 3-year-old daughter. She's a delight, but an exhausting delight at times. So, I like to keep a stash of chocolate around just for special emergencies. :) So, I'm sure a teacher of 14 3-year-olds … [Read more...]

Fall is Comin’: Decor and Crafts


While I know it's still hot as blazes outside, I am banking on the fact that Fall is right around the corner. And I'm kind of ecstatic about it. What does Fall mean to you? For me, it's cooler air (duh), chili on the stove with cornbread muffins, all things pumpkin, football Saturdays {and Fridays, Sundays and Mondays}, the pumpkin patch and hot apple cider. It's easily my favorite season to anticipate and celebrate. I do love summer, because I love being near the water, which is … [Read more...]